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  • Smule just launched a new feature in the iOS app. When you start a new solo or collab, you have a new option to chose “clip” instead of “full song”. This will allow to only record a part of the song, usually the first chorus.

    Clips can vary in length but are usually around 30 seconds to one minute. The music will automatically fade in and out. Smule Clips are an easy and fast way to record on Smule and then share the result on social media without having to get the entire song perfectly right. 
    Here is an example of a clip recording:

    What do you think about this feature? 
    Smule just launched a new feature on the app called “gifts” and with that a new payment options called “coins”. As Smule puts it, “Gifts are the newest, most expressive way to show your appreciation for the performances you love”. 

    Gifts are essentially animated little stickers you can send to someone if you like their performance and you can also add a personal message along with most gifts. The feature is more personal and more prominent than the previous options of liking and commenting songs. While like and comments are public and can be left by anyone, gifts are a paid and personal option. While performances show the number of received gifts, the gift itself, the people giving them and their messages are only visible for the singers receiving the gifts. For this a new tab on the Activity section of the app was added. 

    To send most gifts you need to buy coins in advance. Coins are essentially a virtual currency that only exists within the Smule service. The gift prices vary greatly, so one can spend a few cents per gift or well over US$ 40 for the most expensive one. Smule makes it clear in their terms of service that the coins are not a real currency. The purchase of coins is not refundable, the value of the coins may change at any time and the coin service might be changed or stopped. But the coin service is probably here to stay and could easily be extended to other features like paid video/audio filters.  
    Currently Smule hasn’t officially announce the gift service or updated their help and FAQ sections with more details. We will extend this article when more information emerges. 
    Feel free to comment below to tell us how you like the new feature. 
    While going live on Smule you can now apply real-time video effects, which change your appearance in ways you might know from apps like Snapchat. 
    In Smule the feature is called Live Looks and it can be accessed in LiveJams through the filters button in the bottom left corner. At the moment 16 different effects can be used. A few are shown below. 

    In addition, Smule also improved the appearance of LiveJams in the app. Instead of just showing a single profile image, both current participants are shown along with a still from the live performance. 

    Smule singers have been creating groups since the app exists, but there was never any direct support for it in the app. People had to use hashtags to connect their accounts or songs to a group or set up additional Smule accounts, which was difficult to handle, since account switching is also not a feature currently. 
    But handling groups just go a lot easier, since there is now a dedicated feature for it in the app. It is available in the iOS version and on the website. In the Explore tab of Smule on iOS you can browse through new groups. If you hit the plus button there, you can create your own groups. 

    Groups can contain up to 1000 members and each Smule user can create up to 3 groups.  The creator of the group is the “owner” and each group can only have one owner, who has administrator privileges. 

    Groups are always public, but you can decide if people can request to join (with or without automatic approval) or whether the group will be invite-only. Once Smule users are part of a group, this will also be shown on their profile and the groups can be accessed from there. The group page shows the members and “posts”. These posts can currently only be songs, both published collabs and open calls. All members of the group can post. 
    Sing.Salon Insights is a tool which generates statistics for your account or other singer’s Smule accounts. Feel free to try it out here: https://sing.salon/insights/ 
    Just add a Smule user name and click the button to generate the statistics. 

    At the moment the tool will:
    Show the user’s most viewed/loved/commented FAVs and play them directly in the browser show pie charts for the type of songs created (audio/video, solo/duet/group) show the partner artists someone joins show who’s join someone likes to FAV show who someone likes to join
    It’s a convenient way to find great collabs and good singers without having to scroll through hundreds of songs. Just let this tool show you popular songs and people someone likes to sing with.
    Now you create collabs with other Smule singers in real time. As usual the feature is first rolled out to iOS users, but it will come to Android as well. And watching and commenting is open to everyone through the website. 

    So how does it work?
    To start a LiveJam, you can either use the banner link in the iOS app or the links in your feed tab or profile tab. You can apply video filters as with OCs and you can either talk or start a song at any time by clicking the Mic button. You can invite people to join the LiveJam or people seeing your LiveJam can request to join. If the LiveJam is public, everyone is free to watch the live performance and to comment or react. 

    Have a look at some LiveJams taking place right now here:
    Feel free to tell us in the forums what you think about it:
    For years, Smule has been working fine with analog headsets, but lacked proper support for external third-party hardware connected via Bluetooth or the lightning port of iOS devices. The latest 6.4.9 update improves that. 
    You can now connect Lightning/USB microphones and audio interfaces to your iOS device without routing the audio through other apps like GarageBand first. This kind of hardware is now natively supported and you also get proper monitoring this way. 
    In addition, the support for Bluetooth headphones/headsets was improved. This is especially usefully for recent iOS devices, which come without a headphone jack. Note that this improvement only covers listening to Smule performances. There is still no official support to record from Bluetooth devices. 

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