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  • Sing.Salon Downloader F.A.Q.

    How to get the proper link to use with the Sing.Salon downloader?

    To use the Sing.Salon downloader, you need a URL pointing to a specific Smule performance. You can copy this link either from the smule.com website (recommended) or from the app. Here is how:

    Open Smule.com and log in with your Smule account. This lets you access your own Smule profile page easily. Alternatively, you can also directly access smule.com/[your-username]. Once you are on your Smule page, scroll to the song you want to download and open it. If you want to download a join of an OC of yours, you first open the overview page showing all joins and then open a specific join from the list of joins. Your page should now look like this with the Smule player: 


    You can now either copy the link from the browser address bar (recommended!) or use the link icon next to the player window. However, the latter will only work for complete performances, not OCs. Invitation links to OCs cannot be used. 

    You can also get this link in the Smule app. Open a specific performance, click the Share button (“arrow symbol”) and then choose Copy Link. 


    Again: Do not use the invitation link of a current OC though. This will not work, as it is not pointing to a single performance. 

    Hot to download just an OC without any joins?

    To download just an OC:

    1. open the overview page in the browser showing you all joins
    2. From this page, click on the title of the song (see image below)
    3. now you will see just your OC a player window. Copy the URL from the browser address bar. You can use this URL with the Sing.Salon downloader. 



    How do Sing.Salon download credits work?

    The amount of download credits depends on your Sing.Salon membership. Regular members currently have 5 download credits. Sing.Salon supporters have 50. 

    A download credit can either be available or in use. Once it is in use, it will stay in use for 7 days and then you can use it again. When all download credits are in use, you need to wait until they become available again (see example below) or upgrade your membership. 

    You use a download credit every time you initiate a successful song crawling request. If the crawling isn’t successful, you can just try again. You will not use up any download credits for failed download attempts. 


    • You are a regular member and make 3 successful and 3 failed download attempts on a Tuesday. The failed download attempts don’t count, so you used up 3 download credits. 
    • On Saturday you download 2 more songs. You have now used up your 5 download credits. 
    • You now have to wait until the next Tuesday when 3 download credits become available again. On the next Saturday, all your 5 download credits will be available again. 

    Note: if you used up your 5 free credits and upgrade to 50 credits per week, you will have 45 credits available in the first week, since the 5 used credits remain used for 7 days. The full 50 credits will be available after the 5 downloads have expired. 

    What do the status messages mean?

    • Successfully crawled. 
      The Smule performance was successfully retrieved and you can click the download button to download your audio or video performance. One credit was used. 
    • Song found. Crawling not yet finished.
      The Smule performance was found, but the download was not yet retrieved—for example because you left the page or the connection timed out. You can open the record again from the listing page to restart the attempt to get the download link.  No credit is used until you open the record. 
    • Failed. Faulty link.
      You used a link that the system cannot use. Please scroll to the beginning of this page to learn about how to find a correct Smule performance link. No credit was used. 
    • Crawling failed. 
      The crawling failed and the reason is unknown. There could be a problem with the link you used, in which case you should double-check if it really open a single Smule performance. If not, you should try again with a correct link. If you are sure the link is correct, you might try to start a new download request with the same link. Sometimes the crawling can fail because Smule refused the connection or the retrieval process timed out. 

    Who can see which songs I download?

    The download requests are only visible to you and Sing.Salon administrators, who need to see this information to monitor the service and to help you with failed download attempts. Other Sing.Salon members cannot see your download list. 

    After 7 days, the entries are automatically deleted from our website. 

    We will randomly feature popular songs from the downloads, but if your song was marked private while you crawled it, it can not appear in the feature section. We will also not show who downloaded the featured song. 

    I just purchased the Supporter package. Why don’t I have the full 50 downloads available?

    When you become a Sing.Salon Supporter, you don’t buy 50 additional credits. It’s much better: you raise your weekly download limit from 5 to 50. This means you will effectively be able to download up to 2600 songs (50 downloads × 52 weeks).

    Keep in mind that the download limit is completely independent from the credits that are in use. So if you, for example, used up your 5 free downloads and become a Sing.Salon supporter, you will initially see 45 (not 50) new downloads during that first week, since your 5 original credits are still in use. Once they expired after 7 days, you will get 50 new credits each week.

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