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  • What are Sing.Salon Clubs?

    Clubs are micro-communities within the Sing.Salon community. Unlike our forums, clubs are opt-in sections of our website. You join the clubs you are interested in, and once you are an accepted member, all content from the clubs becomes accessible to you and new content will also appear to you on our homepage. 

    What kind of clubs do exist?

    At the moment, we have two club types: 

    • Language/Regional Clubs:
      All public content on Sing.Salon needs to be English, but if your native language is a different language than English, you can join a language club to talk about Smule in your native language.
    • Genre Clubs:
      These are clubs about music genres and other interests on Smule (like playing instruments on Smule, doing voice acting …). Join the clubs which match your interests and you will only see discussions and song uploads matching your taste.  

    Joining and leaving a club

    All clubs are closed clubs. Click the Join button and a moderator will add you to the club. You can leave a club at any time if you are not interested anymore. 

    Creating a club

    If you cannot find the club you would like to join, you can also create one! We are happy to add more language clubs for example.
    Here is how it works: Message the site admin and tell him, what kind of club you would like to create on Sing.Salon. Make sure the club matches one of the club types described above. We will then set up the club for you and add you as moderator, so you can manage your club. 

    Changing Clubs owners and moderator

    Sing.Salon clubs are run by “club owners” and “club moderators”. It’s similar to running social media groups like Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups. The owner and the moderators can manage club memberships, moderate discussions and so on. If you would like to become a moderator or pass on your moderator status to someone else, feel free to message the admin to make those changes. 

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