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  2. _MusiCoolPiyush_


    Joined Smule in 2017. Big time Kishore Da fan. I am an uploader with some of the best tracks in my songbook. Founder/Owner of anonline radio station #RadioKishore : https//zeno.fm/radio/radiokishore Tune in anytime to any of these radio stations and listen to 24/7:non-stop, ad-free, classic melodies
  3. Exactly. You can hide the location from the app entirely, and then Smule seems to treat the user as being located in San Francisco (i.e. Smule headquarter).
  4. Has the 'Trending Recordings and 'Whats Hot' section ever shown a global list for anyone ? In my case, since Day1 of using smule, those lists always show local recordings from my country, and in fact show songs related to the particular region (languages) of the part of the country I am in ! Even though I mostly do recordings in English to co-singers spread around the globe. If anyone discovers a way to show global lists for these sections, please do share here ! It appears to me Smule shows these lists based on the GPS Location of the phone. I am yet to try disabling the Location for the App.. (this results in my location being shown as California in the smule earth animation)
  5. Earlier
  6. Thank you for your answer. I actually thought back to it and realized that I had connected to Smule with my Cellular on many times when I was at the gym, etc. Something different and strange must've happened yesterday. And apparently one of my friends having the same issue as well. I sent an e-mail to Smule Support, they asked for screenshots and then I sent them. Waiting for their answer.
  7. I don’t think there is any direct way to change that. I would probably just switch back to WiFi and wait a few days. I don’t think they will lock you into a certain location permanently. After all, someone could just be on vacation.
  8. Greetings, Until today, I was using Smule via Wi-Fi. Today, I have made a huge mistake and opened the Smule app with Cellular on, instead of connecting via Wi-Fi. Now I can't see the globally trending songs in the categories of "Trending now" and "Popular". Both categories are full of songs from my own country. My audience is global, I don't sing songs in my own language. How can I fix this issue? Please help. Thank you so much.
  9. Spleeter is not available in India!
  10. ayavsr

    renewal of VIP subscription in Smule

    Prices depends on where you actually buy it. I'm from PH and I've been paying around $6-$7 annually.. (php288-php359) since 2019.. the first time I bought it was php288 but when I renewed price rose to php359.. but meh didn't think much of it ... Also I thought this was the all time lowest price that I could get, not until a friend of mine from France asked me if I can buy Smule for her.. Turns out we can actually buy VIP at PHP79 (roughly less than $2) FOR A YEAR!! idk if it's for a limited time, but last I bought mine August 2022, then I bought 2 for her and her group's official acct just today.
  11. Das Aditi

    Scammers and fakes on Smule?

    Hi I have so far reported at least 100 profiles and each and every profile reported by me has been suspended. Smule even gets back to you, completing the loop and informing you that the actions of the user you reported go against their community standards so they've gone ahead with a permanent deletion of the account. Reporting is super easy too. Don't just block, report girls
  12. Smule just started a beta phase for a new feature that allows users to save audio-only songs as a video with the lyrics being animated in various styles. The feature is available for new solos and collaborations on the latest iOS version. You just record your audio-only solo or OC as always. On the last screen where you choose whether the song is public and whether you want to invite all your followers, there is a new options to save the song with animations. If you select this option, you can pick from currently 12 different animation styles, as seen in the picture above. Solos and joins using this option will now be saved and played as video. Here is a song with this feature turned on: What do you think? Do you like this new feature? You can also submit feedback to Smule here.
  13. That’s a convincing demonstration. Hear for yourself: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Co-D9OlAjQG/
  14. opentype

    Static noise while recording in Smule

    Sounds normal. I wouldn’t worry about it. You might be able to minimize this effect by making sure there are absolutely no background sounds the microphone can pick up. Is it wired or wireless Apple headphones?
  15. GBobby1200

    Static noise while recording in Smule

    Hi folks Having this issue also. Using iPhone 13 Pro and new apple earbuds I got for this purpose. This is my first time using the headphones (new). This is the recording: https://www.smule.com/c/879971739_4581820769 Perhaps because the song is so quiet in those points. I didn’t say the first 2 lines to test whether it was maybe already part of the recording if the original singers had been removed or something but this doesn’t seem to be the issue. Any help appreciated. Not charging at the same time. Thanks 🙏🏼
  16. rafistole

    Method of payment

    Good morning, User for a few years it is with pleasure that I connected sporadically to join participants and sing with them or initiate a duet. I opted for the subscription per week, at 2€ via the mobile operator. Flexible, easy, I wasted little because at times even a week was long enough for me. Recently you changed the system. Contacts have reported to me that this option has disappeared. And slowly but surely, we all lost that option, myself included, for a TOTALLY inappropriate option: The 3 MONTH subscription for 25€. (via mobile in addition)¿¿¿ Needless to say that those who have encountered this option no longer pay for Smule (except those who have a credit card, and this is not my case). Occasional singer pay for the year at the price of the mobile operator is inconceivable. I happened to pay several weeks in a row (8€/month), this will no longer be the case. Between subscriptions at more than 100€/year, those at 30/year, those at 25/month, depending on the platform, the tariff plans have always been more folkloric. My companion had to take out a subscription on Android and no longer know how to use it on IOS. Nothing is clear and constantly changing. I am aware that losing 4 "customers" is not dramatic for Smule, but gaining 8/month per customer was already more interesting than having nothing at all. I think Smule should once and for all address the issue of customers not having a credit card, because those are leaving. I'm disappointed, even though I'm not their best customer, I used the platform often, which is no longer the case. I had a great time, with talented and nice singers, and that won't be the case anymore. It's frustrating. Thanks again to Smule for these good times, but I do not thank them for this price change that I cannot accept. Bye. Sorry for my English, I don't speak English.
  17. RheaX

    Smule award selection btc

    I got this PM today on Smule. This is definitely a scam. How do I know? Their grammar sucks!
  18. opentype

    Change in Playlist view in PC Browser

    I don’t know if it was different before, but I can confirm that the OCs are currently showing without “joins” in the browser.
  19. Glasnost77

    Change in Playlist view in PC Browser

    Apparently smule made a change to the PC Browser version a few hours back. Until now, if I added a singer's OC to any of my Playlist, it used to display along side the counter showing no. of joins in blue box (just as seen from the singer's Channel page). This is only in PC Browser, not in mobile App. Now it has disappeared, and the no. of Joins are no longer displayed. Is this the case for everyone ? The other change they did was that all of the Playlists are now displayed in the PC Browser, earlier only the Favorites Playlist contents were displayed by default in the Playlist section. This is still welcome, but I think getting rid of the Joins counter is a bad idea !
  20. opentype

    VIP Subscription (Android/iPhone)

    It sounds like you only bought an Android subscription. If you buy it in the Android app, it’s for Android only. If you buy it in the iOS app, it’s for iOS only. Only if you buy it directly on smule.com, it is independent from the Google/Apple store and will work on both devices.
  21. ThakkuV

    VIP Subscription (Android/iPhone)

    From Smule. I clicked on "Become VIP" that appeared on left top corner of Smule profile screen and followed instructions to buy VIP Subscription.
  22. opentype

    VIP Subscription (Android/iPhone)

    Where did you buy the subscription?
  23. ThakkuV

    VIP Subscription (Android/iPhone)

    I have subscribed (renewed) for VIP account and paid the fir it. While it is working in my android device it is still showing non-VIP in my iPhone. Please clarify.
  24. fbreels

    Downloading smule recordings and posting on Instagram/TikTok

    Insta has restrictions in place as to how long Instagram stories or videos can be: 15s for an individual story, 60s for a full-length video on stories which will be cut into stories of 15 seconds each, 10m for videos on the feed
  25. mohankaus

    Loss of the hyphen character in lyrics

    Why does Smule lose the humble hyphen character in lyrics? It is sometimes necessary to use hyphenated words in lyrics. Or include a reference to suggest (at the start of the lyrics) that the track is -1 semitones lower, etc. Smule just suppresses these when they are presented. Is there a hack/workaround to this? Thanks
  26. Looks like a good solution for the few who know what python and a command line even is. That’s like probably 1% of our community. But I’m sure someone will create an app with a GUI to use this sooner or later.
  27. Hi everyone ! Thanks for sharing these features. However, there is a New way of extracting any track from a song. This is Spleeter : https//research.deezer.com/projects/spleeter.html How to proceed ? Follow the link below : https://ezstems.com/installing-spleeter-windows/ Enjoy yourselves !
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