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  2. Passionate singer of Bollywood songs, exploring many Indian languages and genres!
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  4. I noticed that some people I follow on smule who are no longer active on smule are now singing on TikTok. I don’t really use TikTok except to keep up with what my teenage kid is up to so I don’t know how that works…how you join someone for a duet. Is this a Thing now? Karaoke on TikTok?
  5. @realyquick Have you tried Duets.fm and the playlists in the app?
  6. @opentype Can you please explain how it was terrible? I have never tried Starmaker.
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  8. I just tried it with my iRig Pro I/O just to be sure, but actually, it also stopped working for me! There indeed seems to be a software issue with Smule!
  9. Smule app is not detecting the audio . While trying to join any smule invite , I could see the blue lights in the IRig indicator . However I can’t hear the smule track over the headphone I use ( tried Jbl , one gaming air sound hear phone ) , voice is not recording and subsequently the smule app is not enabling any saving .
  10. I suppose that could be a reason. Maybe if I post a song when it’s new and it’s popular, the list might be over saturated with OCs and so mine might be less likely to be chosen to join, and more likely to get lost in the crowd. Other times maybe things happen to line up just right where a bunch of people just happened to feel like singing it and I just so happened to post it at that time? Anyway whatever the reason for joins, it’s nice to be able to reactivate OCs and get a second chance to put them out there. But it seems so random to me when I do happen to get a lot of joins from people I don’t know (who aren’t following me) …I always go hmmm 🤔 🧐🤷🏻‍♀️🙃 interesting!
  11. I have been using Shure BETA 87A for a few years and I am happy with it.
  12. I usually decide to sing a song first and look for other singers to join. I quickly go through those who have posted that song and pick the first singer that I like. It is possible that when you posted it this time, your invite appeared at the top of Smule's search list, which increases the probability of being found.
  13. So what exactly is failing when used with Smule?
  14. Irig , when checked is working perfectly with other application . This is a new device I bought recently .
  15. Hi! I use either my iPhone 15 pro max or my iPad 10 both with USB-C connections to sing Smule and for some reason my ears literally eject the apple earbuds so I believe my best solution will be to use wired headphones with a mic. Sort of like the gaming ones you see. Does anyone use one of these successfully with Smule that is high-quality? There is so many to choose from and the cost varies widely. I don’t mind spending more money for better quality. Thank you!
  16. It’s a nice surprise when it happens because my number of joins are very low 👇🏽😐 normally. But once in awhile I’ll get a LOT of joins from random people (they aren’t necessarily following me or following my friends). For example, I once sang a song when it was new and only one person joined and sang it again a year later and maybe a couple people joined. Then I sang recently on a whim when the song is now 4 years old and joins went into double digits from totally random people which surprised me! It’s not like I sang it any better this time around.
  17. Really hard to trouble-shoot from a distance. Maybe the iRig is indeed broken. Trying to narrow down what is going on by switching parts, apps, cables and so on is indeed the right way.
  18. I was using IRig PRO I/O regularly for my smule recording . One fine morning , the system stopped working . Contacted IK multimedia for the Irig snags and followed all their instructions and thereafter checked with Apple Store to see any defects or interface issues . Finally contacted smule to see whether it interface with iOS for third party application but the couldn’t get a clear picture . Smule asked me to send a recording , where my problem is with the Irig pro I/o connected the smule , I could neither hear the track nor can hear my voice nor could record the track. I did almost 200 + or more songs with the Irig pro I/o and was happily doing that regularly . My I rig pro I/o is connected to a iPhone 14 via the provided usb cable . The dynamic se v7 mic is connected to the irig by xlr ugreen cable. The mic was not audible and it was not recording and I sent the video recording of it to Ok multimedia . As per their advise , tried changing the xlr cable and I could record a song . While trying to do a second song , the track was not audible . I have connected the irig with a gaming headphone to the irig . Also I couldn’t hear the track also , it is breaking after one minute . So now the track is going mute or not audible recording as well as playing a song . I don’t know how to show the video recording of this incident . I am really dissapponted as my joy of singing got a break . Is there a way to Set it up and restore the connectivity by adding any other components or having any other app ? I was using GarageBand , VocaLive / AmpliTube , Irig reorder etc . If anyone has faced an issue and sorted out or any Audio engineers who could help to resolve this would be great and would be thankful for helping me out . Thanks and regards Mathew
  19. I’ve tested using the jack cable that came with the sound card, it doesn’t work with iPhone 15 Pro Max at all as we can’t hear the mic monitoring from Smule, the adapter used was Baseus though, I suspect this was the cause because the original adapter for iPhone 7 worked perfectly. I’ll purchase the original USB-C to 3.5mm Jack adapter from Apple just to test it out again. Anyway, for any new starter who are reading this thread, I think it’s much better to get the iRig Pro i/o as opentype suggested, saved the headache.
  20. Okay, since I wanted to make sure that it’s the Maonocaster that caused the latency, I decided to plug in my iPhone 7 using Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter + conversion to the sound card, surprisingly it has no latency when monitoring the mic from Smule. Tomorrow (as it’s almost midnight here by the time I’m writing this), I’ll test further again by trying to use the jack cable that came with the sound card to connect my iPhone 15 Pro Max and see if it there’s any latency issue again. I think the main reason could be between connecting via USB C to their sound card USB C port. I’ll update to this thread again so I can share my experience with this sound card.
  21. Interesting, both are quite pricey and I just bought this Maonocaster😅 If only I chosen one of the two you mentioned. But given two options I mentioned above (iRig Pre 2 / Tascam iXZ since they’re in my budget for now), would you still recommend for me to get them? As long as it can fulfil the mic monitoring needs and can handle or minimize noise (fyi, Maonocaster is amazing in noise reduction, too bad the latency is the breaker)
  22. We usually recommend the iRig Pro I/O. We also had discussions about FocusRite interfaces.
  23. Yes, It’s such a shame that is the only thing lacked from this sound card. The mic monitoring from the sound card app itself has no latency but the output which is mic monitoring from Smule app has a latency. So I guess I’ll be better off to get preamp only instead since I don’t like mixing my voice from the sound card and much prefer using the sound effect / filter from the Smule app itself. I have searched from this forum, and seems like iRig Pre 2 and Tascam iXZ is good for SM58, will they work as how we use earphone? Including listening to the music from the Smule app and mic monitoring directly without latency? Which one do you think suits my need the best? Thank you, sir.
  24. I’m almost certain the latency can only come from the Maonocaster. I haven’t used it before, but I did a Google search and see many confirmations of significant latency.
  25. I tried both Earpods itself (for monitoring only) and AKG K52. Here’s the full list of the equipments (with photos) Maonocaster E2, iPhone 15 Pro Max (connected to the sound card with the original type C itself), AKG K52 / Apple Earpods as sound monitor with 3.5mm Jack, Shure SM58 with XLR cable connected to the sound card.
  26. What kind of headphones do you use and how are they connected and to which device?
  27. For additional information, I use iPhone 15 Pro Max (type c port) connected to the sound card, I don’t know if this is the cable is the main problem for mic monitoring latency from Smule?
  28. Hello guys, So, I’ve been a long time earpods Apple user which I always use it to sing on Smule but decided to try a new experience by singing with external mic other than earphone. Thus, I purchased SM58 with a sound card live mixer called Maonocaster E2, this sound card was introduced by the seller which I was told that it’s very suitable for singing Smule with SM58 (Well, that’s what they said). Since I prefer monitoring my voice directly from the Smule app, I decided to turn off the mic monitoring from this sound card and have all voice setting such as low, mid, high voice settings, and reverb set to zero (as if no changes to my voice because I’ll be depending the sound effect / filter from Smule), but the problem occurred, whenever I sing into my SM58, the mic monitoring from what I hear is a little bit delayed from Smule which very hindering me to my fullest singing experience as how I sing with earphone. So, I’m wondering if that was the sound card problem as it’s a live mixer and the mic monitoring from the app is normal to have latency? Is there any solution for this? Or should I purchase another “preamp only purpose” instead? Since preamp main purpose is to power up the dynamic microphone. If I were to purchase preamp only, I’m thinking of getting iRig Pre 2, as I’ve noticed a few singers from Smule using this together with SM58, but I’m not sure if this product have any problem with the mic monitoring latency like my sound card and still wondering if I can also hear the music from the Smule app through iRig Pre 2? Any recommendation or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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