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  2. Short answer: you can’t. I’ve gotten in the habit of downloading and saving a group performance after each person joins for exactly the reason. But, after the fact, is just too late.
  3. TonyAlexander11

    Song still processing 24 hours later

    So it's been 24 hours and my song (which is likely my best smule thus far) hasn't uploaded...it's still processing but it's gotten two likes...strange...but when can I expect to be able to view it? Anything I can do to speed it up? https://www.smule.com/c/417732482_3787826122
  4. Has the Grunge setting been removed completely (I can't find it, anyway) and if so, is there anything like-for-like or similar?
  5. Babydoll0401

    Show us your Smule performance style in one GIF

    I believe I was singing in the womb
  6. Yesterday
  7. This happened to a few of my recordings last week on my Android phone. I uninstalled, restarted my phone, reinstalled. I haven't seen it since then..I hope it doesn't come back 🥴
  8. I don’t like the changes as someone with difficulties it was a lot easier how it use to be , you just picked the style stars,bubbles black and white etc now it’s really complicated
  9. Don’t worry - I have let them know. Whether they will do anything about it is another question.
  10. m14t4n

    Weird noises while record with new s20+

    Hi TARRY034, SharanyaNair09 and KeithJClark...The problem I was having earlier was EXACTLY the same as the link that SharanyaNair09 was facing. 1. Smule didn't detect my headset (it was the original headset, AKG, that came with the phone. 2. The voice recorded was dragged and sound like a broken cassette. However, after I updated my S20+ (more than once) to the latest "IOS" (forgive me I dunno what my phone's system is running with 🤦‍♀️) Smule finally detected my headset and I can finally sing with my new phone. So....I guess....Smule needs to ne compatible with your phone system. I really hop
  11. Last week
  12. well, thats a great start! thanks Minty! I did like the option of different color filters within each video preset, but I guess thats certainly secondary to being able to control the sound. It is after all....a vocal product!
  13. KeithJClark

    Weird noises while record with new s20+

    The issues are too varied to say whether one fix solves it or not. I havent been singing lately, but I can say that using an external mic is still an issue with my Galaxy S20. I havent gotten anything to work reliably.
  14. SharanyaNair09

    Weird noises while record with new s20+

    Is it solved ? Iam facing a similar issue with my S20+. There is echo and drag in my recorded voice. Sounds like a ruined cassette player. At times it works fine . But if I go for a second recording the issue will start again .
  15. https://blog.smule.com/upcoming-changes-to-styles Upcoming Changes We recognize how important having full control of audio effects is to some members of our community. As a result, we will be adding an option for anyone, including joiners, to override the audio effects defined in a Style. For example, if a song opener creates a performance with a Style that uses “Polish” as the audio effect, you as the joiner, will be able to change “Polish” to a different audio effect, like “Grunge.”
  16. Is fun to create templates for certain productions, but is not something you want to use over and over, plus all this effects are for those who always record videos, no point for only voice recording. For groupsongs is almost impossible now to adjust your volume or setting to blend with others ( remember some have stronger and lauder voice that need to be taken down). Backing voices effects? Forget it! No way to do it anymore. Give us back our old settings and leave the style studio only as an option to use when we want to add fancy effects. ( Same as we had before when we choose to add
  17. Hi, Two of my group members joined our groupsong 13 hrs ago. Their name shows in the list of joint but the video is still not loading. Any reason for that or way to help? Both are Android users. Thanks
  18. The style app does not work on my phone it keeps throwing out (error 21)
  19. mathewscc

    Smule style issue

    I understand the answer is NO for now. For a join, the video tweak is not available. I see some options “Reverb character” and “Reverb amount” to adjust. But I think there also those set by the originator’s preset prevails. I saw almost 2500 comments in Smule against the new Style and subscribers asking to return to old one. Many are threatening to stop subscribing. Hope Smule will make it user friendly again
  20. Has anyone here used condenser microphones such as Shure vs regular in-ear microphone/headphones with Smule? How big of a difference in audio quality does it give? Any practical experience that you could share would be appreciated.
  21. Yes, I do my video collabs/video invites in my iPod Touch; in fact, the video quality is really good. I'm using the 7th generation Apple iPod Touch which I ordered online through the Apple Store website just a few months ago. https://www.apple.com/ph/ipod-touch/ Since I only use the device for Smule, I only ordered the 32GB version, which is the cheapest you can get for the iPod (and the cheapest of all Apple devices.)
  22. well, we should let smule know. this website is just a place where we're complaining about it
  23. Gone is my comfort in singing with this new feature that has killed my passion towards singing. I normally don’t send invites but only join my dear ones. Now, with these styles option, I’m being forced to join with what the inviter has chosen. Don’t have any free way. Changes are a necessity, but should only be for good. It would have been very wise, had smule taken an opinion poll from it’s users, before bringing in this draconian change.
  24. Rachan1808

    Smule style issue

    The style template is not very useful. I get invites with audio and visual settings not of my liking and I’m not able to change the settings while joining. Is there some way to do it
  25. DeepaPriyaSai

    Smule freezes up for a moment when singing songs

    Was there any solution for this??
  26. We grew up with a catch-phrase: “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it.” SMULE had a good thing, HAD. They should have stuck to it. Bring back the previous version, PLEASE!
  27. Agreed. Sure, give people easy settings...and then give advanced users the advanced options. Its not really rocket science. Really though, Smule is not that advanced...its almost an insult to think that someone won't comprehend how to click a button and see how it changes on screen. In today's society? I think the issue is...money. That's usually the issue anyway with these sort of things. Think they'll eventually sort it out.
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