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  2. opentype

    Smule not working during daytime

    You can’t connect at all every day for 2 weeks? That’s really strange. What’s the error message saying exactly? It sounds more like a problem of your internet service provider – despite what you said about other websites working fine. Does the Smule website load over WiFi when the app fails? Have you tried changing your DNS settings on the phone? That’s something I would probably try.
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  4. For the past 2 weeks i can’t connect to smule using wifi. But from midnight till 7 am, i don’t have problem at all (but i can’t sing in that time🤣). I used the data when making oc’s and voc’s but the problem is my data is slow when using smule. All the apps i am using works just fine except for smule. Btw i am living in Switzerland and smule be kind to us here.
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  6. I totally agree with this! I've only been VIP for a few weeks but have noticed a lot of singers don't respond, but a lot of them might have dozens of joins a day and be too busy to give everyone a listen. There are only so many minutes in a day to be fair. I think singing does make it a bit more personal...it takes a lot of courage for some people to sing publically so they feel hurt if noone acknowledges their work. I get it! I get both sides. I always listen to my joins and give them some feedback. But I have time to do that at the moment, that could change at any point. I gave you a follow,
  7. Hi, I accidentally logged out of my existing VIP account in Smule while trying to logging into my Non VIP account. Tried logging in with my phone number, but a message shows up saying maximum authentication attempts reached. Can someone kindly help with this so that I can access my existing VIP account ? Thank you !
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  9. TomasTheo

    Smule songs not loading properly

    why do they never fix it? it's always the night that smule has this problem, in the other apps and on youtube it's all ok, i believe it's a problem on their server more for them to look at it carefully people need to write here
  10. No hard feelings here. Thanks Yaunti. Hope the same for you too.
  11. Couldnt edit the last post. I'm sure in someway I disappointed you also. We're human, it's part of the human condition. Again, best wishes.
  12. No apologies needed. I didn't find you to be a bitch with anything you said. I joined smule knowing not everyone was going to wanna sing with me. My profile says I cannot carry a tune. I might not of liked that you weren't social but meh, you have your reasons as you explained. My only disappointment with you is not joining you anymore but it is what it is. You have a gift, continue to share it. Happy new years and best wish to what ever your future may bring you.
  13. Ok so I guess that brings me to the point of all that rambling. Whether it’s fair or not, I judge people based on past experiences. So try not to take it personally if someone’s reaction is not what you’d like. I know it’s hard because it happens to me too. But I love singing, so I try to push out the bad and keep the good. And also my apologies to you personally: one, for disappointing you, and two, because I know what I say often comes across as me being b***** when I am trying to be helpful. Keep singing away with the people who make you happy and forget the rest. Myself included hehe.
  14. yaunti

    Smule Features on Android Platform

    I was on sportscaster and they refused to create an android app. They said there are only a limited number of models of iPhones but hundreds of styles of Andriods and that they would have to come up with programming for all the android models. Basically saying android apps were too complicated for them. Idk how true that is but it could be possible that, that is why the iPhone programming is so much better. I've been hoping for some of the features listed above for my android. It sucks that they cannot figure it out. I pay the monthly subscription because I wanted more control over my acc
  15. Yes, I thought it was just me. After one of the last updates where they changed the filter features I started rotating out different headphones. I had one at work, a couple at home and some that I kept with me and the volume levels were never the same. I assumed it was my headphones. Recently I stopped using the phone microphones for a headset microphone and noticed my vocals seem off a lot more, regardless to how I adjust my vocal volume to what I'm hearing. Glad to know I am not the only one who's having some kind of issue with recording volume.
  16. Exactly and that's not the only major thing going on at the moment, which makes my initial post meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
  17. This is a forum site. Venting and rambling are to be expected. I'm sorry you had to go through any of that. I have met several women on here who have gone through situations where people are hitting on them. I have also met people who have had issues with people in their home towns because of other's interactions on smule. I have never thought of smule as a dating site and I don't get why anyone would. That's just weird beyond my comprehension but people use it that way. I recently reported a spam account for sending me hookup links and had to tell another user I wasn't on smule to find a
  18. Since other people are chiming in, I’m going to come back because I feel I have more to add. These are just a few examples of interactions that have led me not to answer my inbox and to be careful with interactions on smule. You may think you’re being nice by saying “hi” ... oh, it’s ok to message this person if I’m not hitting on him/her. But in my experience, if I answer “hi”, I am opening the door to personal questions ... which I hate. I abandoned my first smule account because a man got pissy with me for not wanting to video chat with him outside of smule. Being new, I didn’t kn
  19. I am a bit intrigued by this question. What kind of headphones are you using and do they have individual volume controls for each side meaning left and right. Final audio recording levels will be what levels gets picked up by the microphone. I use the ATH-M50x headphones. I have some hearing loss in my right ear so I have fine tuned the volume levels in my iPad so what I hear is balanced. I use a dynamic Mic AKG D5 Vocal along with the iRig Pro I/O mob phone interface. This does not affect recordings nor the final uploads. I am trying to understand the Problem so I can look for a solution
  20. Many are too busy or pre-occupied. There’s a worldwide pandemic going on.
  21. RockMeSlowly


    There are Facebook groups I believe. 😉
  22. Some people take this too far though. I can sympathize with the original poster on one level. I acknowledge everyone who joins my OCs and while I don't expect everyone to do that, someone taking the time to put a really nice vocal on your work, should be acknowledged. Why make a public OC otherwise? You can tell when someone really put their heart into a join and it's wrong to ignore it. Honestly, almost everyone does acknowledge me and I'm grateful of that, but I can think of one person who never does and it's SO frustrating! We have some great duets that I want to use on socia
  23. Are you sure the left/right audio levels on your device are perfectly balanced and your headphones are working flawlessly? Because of the way the Smule voices get distributed in the stereo panorama and the way that a recording voice might get moved to a certain side or position (with group songs) after recording, the slightest mismatch of the levels leads to exactly what you describe. I’m using Smule for 5 years or so, and never noticed any problems with the processing of the audio levels. Well, to be exact: I did notice the described problems, but they were always on my end, e.g. headpho
  24. Does anyone else hear their vocals at different volumes in each headset before saving a join, only to have the app pick one of them after saving? It happens it probably half of the OCs I join. I'm finding tracks ruined because I lowered the "too loud" one and it used the opposite one, which makes me relatively inaudible. Also, half the people who join my OCs are WAY too loud, yet all their own OCs sound fine. It's obvious it sounded fine to them before they saved it
  25. RockMeSlowly

    Tips for using Vocal Match and Vocal Volume

    The post adjustment KILLS me. I'm a studio pro and I'm particularly good at blending voices. On some effects, your volume is wildly different in each headset before you save and it will pick one of them for the final version. That's a 50% chance it's ruined. Overall, their algorithm is too agressive.
  26. RockMeSlowly

    Lag on Smule LiveJam

    How is this not a Smule problem? I can jam in real-time over Zoom and harmonize with someone on WhatsApp. They need to change their methodology and get creative because there is no reason to sing with anyone if you can't hear them.
  27. RockMeSlowly

    Smule Features on Android Platform

    I think they know and they don't care. Some basic features were added back into Android Beta, but it's buggy.
  28. RockMeSlowly

    Smule LIVE latency?

    Anyone have tips on eliminating latency during live sessions? I feel like some people who duet can clearly hear each other, while others need to shut off their duet partner. How is this enjoyable if your partner always sounds out of time?
  29. I just upgraded from a Pixel 3A to a Pixel 4A android phone and I'm having all sorts of audio problems now for some reason. The audio randomly starts lagging and cracking to the point where it becomes unusable at times. It happened infrequently on my 3A but never to the point where I couldn't even record properly Here's a video of the issue: Some songs are worse than others but it happens on every song I've tried. I've already submitted a support ticket but I'm just wondering if anybody here has experienced this. Seems strange that an upgraded phone with a better pro
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