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  2. wickedwalleye

    Alexander Hamilton

    that was quite something, I am glad I checked it out.
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  4. opentype

    Smule launches Gift feature

    Smule just launched a new feature on the app called “gifts” and with that a new payment options called “coins”. As Smule puts it, “Gifts are the newest, most expressive way to show your appreciation for the performances you love”. Gifts are essentially animated little stickers you can send to someone if you like their performance and you can also add a personal message along with most gifts. The feature is more personal and more prominent than the previous options of liking and commenting songs. While like and comments are public and can be left by anyone, gifts are a paid and personal option. While performances show the number of received gifts, the gift itself, the people giving them and their messages are only visible for the singers receiving the gifts. For this a new tab on the Activity section of the app was added. To send most gifts you need to buy coins in advance. Coins are essentially a virtual currency that only exists within the Smule service. The gift prices vary greatly, so one can spend a few cents per gift or well over US$ 40 for the most expensive one. Smule makes it clear in their terms of service that the coins are not a real currency. The purchase of coins is not refundable, the value of the coins may change at any time and the coin service might be changed or stopped. But the coin service is probably here to stay and could easily be extended to other features like paid video/audio filters. Currently Smule hasn’t officially announce the gift service or updated their help and FAQ sections with more details. We will extend this article when more information emerges. Feel free to comment below to tell us how you like the new feature.
  5. opentype

    Alexander Hamilton

    Young, scrappy and hungry… I’m not throwing away my shot! (Featuring a very special guest in the title role!) #singtopiabroadway #hamilkid
  6. opentype

    What exactly is the "All Access Pass"

    sZHMX is right. It’s just the VIP subscriptions. You can see it on the FAQ page: https://www.smule.com/support/sing
  7. I’m sure there will be an article on the Smule blog shortly and maybe more details in their FAQ section. In the meantime, I might write something about it in our article section.
  8. Good question! I played Santa Claus last night to experiment 😂 and bought a bundle and gave out a few gifts to a few users of my favorite recordings. It gave me a gift as well in the duets, which I find wasteful. I also wonder if and how the users get notified and what, if anything, they will receive after they get to a certain level of gifts. But the free gift would not work, not with my account and I am VIP. I could not send it to anyone, and it had a notice that “personal message is disabled with this gift” and would not allow me to send. There is another karaoke app with the gift feature, but it doesn’t have the same overall quality features as the Smule app, so I am assuming this is one way of Smule’s way of competing and making money, but it is also a way in creating a nicer environment on the app. I read the information about gift giving, but it was not very specific. Maybe other users will chime in with more knowledge.
  9. sZHMX

    What exactly is the "All Access Pass"

    It is. They show it on the android app. If you click on it, it will re direct you to smule.com. It's different from the VIP bought through Google play and apple app store as they are exclusive to their respective platforms.
  10. _RamKrish1012

    What exactly is the "All Access Pass"

    I don't think so as I have been a Smule VIP Member from Day one and I keep getting this Pop up message suggesting I get an All Access Pass which would allow me to listen to other members private recordings etc. My first reaction was "Listening to some one else's Private Recordings would be a breach of Privacy, would it not ?" I wouldn't want any one else to listen to my Private Recordings, which more than often are practice sessions Ram
  11. Last week
  12. sZHMX

    What exactly is the "All Access Pass"

    It's the VIP from Smule.com. It works both on iOS and Android. The price will differ from country to country. In India it's cheaper than Google play and the App Store.
  13. Remember Danity Kane and Day26? These talented bands were formed together by Making the Band – a popular MTV show that started in 2000 and brought together global talent on a reality TV show stage, mentored and hosted by Diddy! Back by popular demand, MTV’s Making the Band is coming back in 2020 and you have a chance to audition using Smule! HOW TO AUDITION: 1. Open Smule and click on the Making the Band banner 2. Select from the list which hit song you’d like to sing! 3. Share your performance to social media with the hashtag #MTBcasting and you could be picked for the upcoming season of the show! Deadline: August 31, 2019 Here are some early performances to check out!: View the full article on the Smule blog
  14. New Gift feature from SMULE does someone try the new feature call Gifts from the activity tap? i wonder how it's going to work ( gifts that you will receive from your recordings ) i am trying to get more information about it

    Who you needs help with your Irig pre?

    This is my setup Gjam what I use to record on Smule I dig the Mackie mixer you have like it has its own built-in EQ but be careful the sliders are notorious for the resistor in them to burn out that's why I got a Yamaha instead of a Mackie

    Who you needs help with your Irig pre?

    Gj am why the tape input I go through the 7/8 rca input sound so I can also control the base mid hi on my Yamaha and the sound output level when recording on smule
  17. opentype

    Making a Smule Message Group

  18. staticfeedback

    Making a Smule Message Group

    Hallo, Leben Sie auch in Deutschland? :-) I am part of Smule groups on the app, but they have more or less become a bit inactive. I would love to join others but searching for them on the app is nearly impossible. :-/ Maybe they have a page here of listed groups?

    The SHURE BETA 58 A

    The BETA 58A is a top-selling single element dynamic microphone from Shure. Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass roll off to control proximity effect Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection off axis sound Neodymium magnet for high signal to noise output Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration Minimally affected by varying load impedance https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/beta_58a
  20. opentype

    Making a Smule Message Group

    Willkommen! The tips would probably depend on what kind of group you have in mind. Some are built around existing friendships on the app, some are created around certain genres, locations and things like that. Maybe join some groups first before starting your own if you are not that connected on the app yet but want to be?

    Røde NT1-A

    Well let's say it like it is the Rode NT 1a has the lowest noise floor with a frequency range from 20 Hertz 20 kilohertz I can tell you by this Mic and there's nothing wrong with it it has great sound does excellent recordings but the final word on this is it for your voice female voices and male voices have two different frequency ranges you can find this info on YouTube after you find this info it will answer the question is this mic right for you. Only you can decide...
  22. MissMalice

    Musical Theatre singers?

    Does anyone here sing musical theatre (exclusively or not)? I almost exclusively sing musical theatre on there and I like posting casting auditions and doing cast recordings of musicals that I love (Heathers, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Jekyll and Hyde, Little Shop Of Horrors, Next To Normal etc)
  23. staticfeedback

    Making a Smule Message Group

    Thinking about making my own group for singers but don't know how to go about it, I have barely any followers/joiners and the few that I have are either not that active or too caught up in there own thing. Any tips on this? Smule name: staticfeedback https://www.smule.com/staticfeedback
  24. _RamKrish1012

    Cannot get my iRig Pro I/O to work with my iPad. Need Help

    I have my head phones and mic plugged into iRig Pro I/O which is plugged into my iPad and guess what every time Smule suggests I wear head phones, understandably because head phones are not plugged directly into the i Pad so Smule cannot figure out.. Funny.
  25. Ever so often Smule prompt suggests that I get an "All Access Pass". What are the benefits and at what cost and is it worth it ? Ram
  26. _RamKrish1012

    Auti invites

    Rakesh all your followers automatically receive all your invites every time. As for people you follow but are not following you you have to share your invite as a private message if you are keen on some of your fav singers joining you. Ram
  27. opentype

    Auti invites

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