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Sing.Salon Supporter (Subscription)

$25/year (prices are incl. tax when an address is on file)

About Sing.Salon Supporter (Subscription)

Most of the content and features of Sing.Salon are free and always will be. But running this site isn’t. There are ongoing costs for the domain, software and the quality hosting in a German data center running entirely with renewable energy. 

You can become a Sing.Salon supporter and can help to keep this site going with your financial support. In return you get some additional benefits as listed below.

  • ad-free browsing
  • use signatures and link to any content you like
  • upload a cover image for your profile
  • 50 MB upload space
  • edit own posts for 14 days (instead of 5 minutes)
  • unlimited private messages 
  • hide your own posts

This product is a subscription service. It will auto-renew after one year, but you can cancel anytime.