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  2. DJCaliKyi

    Recovering songs deleted by accident

    Let me check, thank you
  3. RockMeSlowly

    Smule Features on Android Platform

    I don't know enough about app coding to judge the complexity of it, but I do know that none of the apps on my phone can only be used on my phone. Also, Starmaker is brilliant on Android. Unlike a lot of apps, Smule's customers are also their content creators. Without us, there is no them. Starmaker's total incompetence in how to market a product keeps singers away and the only reason Smule dominates it. If Smule wants to collect money from Android users, but has no interest in prioritizing them, the app is then vulnerable. If starmaker had even half a clue, it would be th
  4. RockMeSlowly

    Recovering songs deleted by accident

    The only thing I can think of is to do a deep dive of your device and see if the video might have been cached.
  5. Today
  6. I know that option., bur here randomly some songs became private and locked without your knowledge. This is the response I received from Smule team...... Smule Support Team (Smule) Jan 27, 2021, 13:07 GMT+2 Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us! Recently, one of Smule’s license partners has decided to no longer license their content to Smule, and they have asked that we remove arrangements of their songs from our platform. Recordings made using these arrangements that were made prior to the termination of our license may remain on our platform, but no new recordi
  7. I accidentally deleted a song and want to retrieve it, please help.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Aargo2017

    My Smule Song to a Hindi Tune

    Wow this is great. Very true whatever you have penned. Btw the Island Song by Ivy York is based on the same tune.
  10. _RamKrish1012

    My Smule Song to a Hindi Tune

    Just for the Fun of it, I just penned the lyrics for what I call "MY SMULE SONG" with a Popular Hindi Tune on mind as I wrote it. Hope You like it Ram xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MY SMULE SONG Smule’s a nice Place to be Where strangers meet online to sing You get to meet some awesome one’s From nooks and corners of the world Smule’s a nice Place to be Where strangers meet online to sing You get to meet some awesome one’s From nooks and corners of the world You sing and many follow you Making you smile all day You sing and many follow you Makin
  11. If I make some recording "Private and Lock it", then you cannot see my locked songs on my Personal Profile, but I can. Say you lock a song, I cannot see it either. That is how Privacy is Protected. I can make an invite Private instead of Public and invite select friends to join and they will be able to see it and join the invite but no one else
  12. Tampha

    Smule: Extend invite

    Hi, kindly allow the smule extend invite option to come back. I am willing to pay to re-invite my old songs. I had sung very good songs years ago, which I would pay to re-invite. I can't sing as well again due to health issues. It would be great if you could please allow us to extend years old invites too. Regards Sonyaleima
  13. Last week
  14. MonaPonytail

    Many Tracks are getting deleted

    There are some artists who don't want their songs appear on karaoke platforms, like Adele, Coldplay, Shania Twain, Mumford & Sons, also some Musical tunes by AL Webber, or Hamilton. These are those I know, but there might be more. They're are indeed cleaned up from time to time, so especially if you like to sing songs by these artists, it could be wise to save the recording on your phone in time.
  15. Hey! So I thought this issue was fixed but does anyone know why live jams aren’t saving to profile again? It’s so Frustrating especially since there is still lagging and glitching issues? Why do we keep on updating and adding new features when this wasn’t even resolved yet? Does anyone else have this issue?

    V.I.P problem Android to iPhone

    Oh okay thank you 😊
  17. I went on their website, in my account but I do not see lock their...it only appears on device. I am using iPhone....pls check yours....Thanks
  18. Many track uploaders have experienced their tracks suddenly dissapearing from smule. Is there any crackdown and cleaning up being done by smule? At least they should be informing in advance or give notice with reasons as to why they are going to pull down the trakcs.
  19. This is a Cop out. Same song from same uploader has been used by others and not locked. This is Zen Desk letting off hot air instead of passing the problem to the developers. I suspect some error in software coding with their zillion upgrades
  20. I received the above response from Smule.
  21. Also I find that this problem is not consistent. Some invites are locked ; some are not.
  22. I have raised a ticket on Smule Helpdesk. Got a standard automated reply that it will be responded within 72 hrs.
  23. Even I am having this problem. I couldn't join my own invites. I changed the private setting to public and saved the settings. And then I looked at the settings again I found that it has reverted back to private.
  24. The lock symbol just means it was set to “private” and that can be done even after invites were already sent out, in which case the invites remains visible to everyone invited. Anyway, the solution would be to edit the songs and set them to public again. If she is absolutely sure she hasn’t changed the privacy of these songs herself, I would also change the password, since it could have been done by someone else with access to the account.
  25. I Smule partner sent me a noite saying several recordings of her duets with others were now locked and her Invites were also locked and no one is able to Join. I had no answers for her and asked her to make sure her Subscription had not run out and then I turned Smule on and realised many of the songs I had bookmarked would not load saying Content not found and another invite said "Locked" . If it was locked then I would not have seen the invite in the first place to Book Mark it. With every new software updates we end up with newer problems on Smule. First two images are from my friends
  26. KaushalSheth1

    Introducing Sing Insights (Beta)

    For those with some programming background and a lot of patience....I have also built something similar using Python and Postgres. You can find all the source code here: https://github.com/kaushalsheth/smule-analytics - along with some instructions. Please note that this definitely requires some software skills to use. I run the code myself locally on my laptop, so if you want to use it, you would have to set up the entire environment locally. @opentype - feel free to copy any of the code if you wish to use it on your site. Its written in Python and Flask though. Please note that I
  27. opentype

    V.I.P problem Android to iPhone

    Where did you buy the VIP subscription? Only if you bought it on the Smule website can you use it on both Android and iOS at the same time. Smule subscriptions bought through Google cannot be used with Apple, and Apple subscriptions cannot be used through Google.

    V.I.P problem Android to iPhone

    Hello, I was on Android and I bought a new iPhone and I wanted to connect my old V.I.P smule account on my iphone. But when I want to restore the subscription, I'm told "Have your unlimited subscription is over", how can I get my V.I.P back?
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