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    group for malays and non malays alike who loves to sing on smule. create new fried sharing the same passion of singing our hearts out

    luka seribu rindu

  4. opentype

    German speaking groups!?

    I don’t know any, but you can join our club here to connect with other Smule users who speak German:
  5. Yesterday
  6. #SmulePickJazz is This Weeks Theme Happy Friday, Smuleans! For newcomers, Smule Picks is a curated playlist of Smule’s favorite performances from the Sing! community based on a theme each week. Any community member can add the weekly Smule Picks hashtag to his or her recording description for a chance to be featured in this playlist, which we publish every Friday. And since today is Friday, it’s time to unveil a brand new playlist for this past week’s theme and announce the next one! This week’s Featured Smule Picks playlist was based on the theme: Heroes. Check out the playlist right now on Smule or open up the Sing! Karaoke app and tap on the Hot Performances screen. Selections from #SmulePickHeroes Playlist Enter Your #SmulePickJazz Recording! This coming week’s theme is: Jazz! Here’s what you have to do for a chance to be featured in our Smule Picks playlist next week: 1) Sing or remix a jazz song! 2) Add the hashtag #SmulePickJazz! 3) Upload your recording by the deadline on Thursday, March 29th, at noon PST. View the full article on the Smule blog
  7. OV8_Fritz

    German speaking groups!?

    I'm searching for a german speaking group.
  8. Sing “Turn” with The Wombats on their live-recorded collab! Remember 3 years ago when The Wombats came onto Smule with their two hits “Give Me a Try and “Greek Tragedy?” Well, not only are they back with their new hit single, Turn, but this is the first time we recorded LIVE on Smule to add a whole new experience to singing with artists. So sing with them and share your recording with us for a chance to get featured, or just share with friends! Here are some of their older duets: View the full article on the Smule blog
  9. ProducahMan

    Stand By Me - Jazzology

    Our tribute to First Responders everywhere. Featuring Colin B. Curry, Sarah Cleary, Mandy Hall Heaston, Mae Sings, Jessica Bah Rösman, Cassandra Pridemore-Gaydosz, Mary Gimness, Bitten Elisabeth Pigato, Erik Herje, Cathrine Bengtson, Cassie Erickson Blakeburn on vocals, Yvonne Sheashay violin, Stephen Elliott trombone, Lonnie Waggoner trumpet, Daniel Hutchins sax & myself piano. #SmulePickHeroes
  10. Last week
  11. #SingForShabir Winners! What an amazing contest hosted on Smule by Shabir to find talent for their upcoming film, Sagaa, as the voice in the song Yaayum! Below are the two winners, followed by runner ups! Winner #1: slakshmipriya89! And the other winner, RiyaDebnath5 !! Here are the runner ups! View the full article on the Smule blog
  12. Ailin_nor

    James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

    Me covering James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
  13. And I thank Smule for that! 😃 There is no way around it. It would only cause spam and annoy everyone. You can invite every person following you at once to your OCs. That should be enough.
  14. just wanted to is there anyway or tool to send send multiple messages to all the followers and following smule members. Currently we can send only 5 at a time , that too only following members. How we can sent to my followers ?
  15. really! I have tried but no luck, ones I thought I am getting somewhere and realaised the iphone connection was lose and hearing smule on headphone which picked up by iphone microphone which was next to me.
  16. opentype

    Becky G

    Rebbeca Marie Gomez, better known by her stage name Becky G, is an American singer and actress.
  17. NaufalRaihan


    I'm sorry but it's not fixed. Please help!
  18. I solved my problem installing Nox emulator, maybe it'll work for you.
  19. Javifiorini

    Type o Negative-Black N.1

    Type o Negative-Black N.1
  20. Tetah9

    Top Brass

    Hello there, we are a friendly small group of about 30 members. We pride ourselves on being supportive and kind to each other. We have many fantastic singers from all over their world. We sing a variety of music and participate in weekly themed challenges and competitions. If you have a fantastic voice and are looking to join a group that makes you feel welcome. Look no further. We would love to have you. Our motto is. With Dignity and respect 😘🌹🌹🌹
  21. france_53

    Sync problem on smule :(

    Yes is the p8 lite 2017, but i have the same problem
  22. Rajadipankar

    Diye jalte hai

  23. Birdflying_high

    Apple tv 4k

    Thanks for the info
  24. RheaX

    Harassment/ Bullying in Smule Sing!

    I received an e-mail from Smule in which they instructed me on ways to block a person, messages etc. Well, if that had worked, my friend wouldn't be in her current state. I'm sorry to hear about your problem. It sucks that psychos are going around harassing people on Smule.
  25. RheaX

    VOC with back camera

    My front camera has been acting up these past few weeks. So I was thinking of using the back camera for VOC. But I'm unable to view the lyrics because my phone screen is facing the other way. Does anyone know a workaround for this problem?
  26. I have the same problem....
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