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  2. _RamKrish1012

    Smule adds notification settings

    Push notifications not available on my Android Phone but available on my iPad and have turned off all that I do not want delivered under notifications especially Book Marked song expiry times.. Ising and record on my iPad that is mounted n a Tripod along with iRigPro and Mic and Head Phones and lighting but look at notifications on my Samsung 7. Keeping my fingers crossed that the changes will be made on my Samsung too.
  3. Today
  4. Hello! I'm hoping someone might be able to help me figure out why I keep getting "Content Unavailable" messages when I try to sing or join a song. I'm located in the US, but I mostly sing in Japanese and a lot of my Sing friends are in Japan. When I try to join or tap on a Japanese song, I'm now getting that message a lot. As it is, I can't join in a lot of the invites I get from friends =( I tried looking for answers but wasn't able to find any... Does anyone know for sure if Smule is slowly region locking things? I'm noticing that now it's asking me "is this a Japan song"? sometim
  5. maxxabstract

    Smule adds notification settings

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of this idea I don’t think communication between people should be completely unavailable simply because somebody might say something to offend you I realize how upsetting or embarrassing hurtful feedback can be but that’s not something that needs to be taken out of our hands so we can deal with it also just because I don’t particularly like hearing some thing that someone has to say about me it doesn’t mean that they’re not right and that I should probably listen or learn from what they’re sayingI think if you were that sensitive about what someone could could say then m
  6. Ridz Azuerai

    Smule upload: Song Title Change

    Thanks guys...
  7. dkGermany

    Editing your song parts via Punch-In and Punch-out ?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying an iPad for this editing reason. Will any iPad be fine? For example iPad 5?
  8. opentype


    Yes. The new system was announced yesterday here:
  9. Hi, in the past months I overheard the live jams would be shut down. Did this happen today??
  10. Yesterday
  11. You can't even remove your join on android. It's an iOS only thing 😭. We need to ability to edit the group song overall after you're going to close the song (fx volume and other things of all the voices)
  12. LOL. I can’t imagine asking somebody to remove themselves from a group song, especially since I would have to describe how.
  13. opentype

    Switching device while on annual VIP? ANDROID-TO-IOS

    You will not be able to use your Android VIP membership on Apple devices. You will be able to login as non-VIP member from Apple devices.
  14. HI THERE! Just wanted to find out what happens to my account now? I'm midway through my annual Android VIP membership and my device has died. I have a new iphone but am concerned if i login on it, it will somehow invalidate my VIP. I have no desire to lose my membership because it was originally purchased for Android...
  15. AkshaySingingMentor

    Can anyone become a professional singer?

    Years ago I was in the same boat as you. I felt that I wanted to master this craft and take it to another level. What bothers you the most about your tone or the fact that you don't have natural talent?
  16. As you know, we’ve been working closely with members of our community to collaborate on a new version of LiveJam, called Sing Live, with a focus on addressing some of the safety concerns we all share. We want to start by thanking our amazing beta testers for their input, and to the larger community for their patience and understanding as we work to create a better environment for our live experience. With safety top-of-mind, we’ve been hard at work to create a fun and balanced experience, making it more difficult for bad actors to ruin it for others. What’s New Starting August 4th, Li
  17. Yea, it gets deleted. I hope there's a way to get it saved.
  18. LOL. So irritating aint it? But unfortunately, you cant. The singer that joined needs to do it themselves.
  19. opentype

    How to deactivate my Smule account?

    ☞ https://smule.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001443123-How-Do-I-Delete-My-Account-
  20. Rogerlococo2020

    Smule adds notification settings

    Please guys write more to smule. Let smule make us this new function. That is we can close the comment if we don't want anyone leave comment to our songs(oc, duets..). This is the only way we can prevent unnecessary harassments or bullying from some scammers and bad people on smule
  21. Rogerlococo2020

    Smule adds notification settings

    Smule should make the comment section can be closed if we wanted to close it. I have suggested them this for so many times but they never made it. This can prevent some unnecessary harassments
  22. How to deactivate my account?
  23. Group songs would be so great if the person who opened the group song had the ability to remove bad joins. Many times, a great group song that I’ve opened is ruined by a bad join. I know we can close OC’s early, but we can’t possibly anticipate that somebody is going to come along and ruin it...
  24. Last week
  25. Many times I have seen that all my chat messages in Inbox gets cleared out after some days. And when I want to resume the chat with a friend I don't see our previous chats. Has anybody experienced this ?
  26. _RamKrish1012

    Smule adds notification settings

    This is wonderful news. So much info gets dumped under notifications that I often miss important messages from singing partners. A welcome change. Wish bookmarked invitations expiry times do not get dumped under notifications and also wish there was a provision to reverse the invitations from singers I follow, which appears with "latest at the top" could be reversed to "oldest at the top" so we do not have to scroll down several hundred invites to get to the bottom.. If this option was available then there would be no need to bookmark any invites. One could join whenever in a mood to sing
  27. opentype

    Smule adds notification settings

    This is something Smule users have requested for years: you now have granular control over the type of events you receive push notifications for. So for example: you can turn off the hundreds of OC invite notifications you receive when you follow many people, but still get alerted if someone sends you a message or invites you to a Live Jam. You can find the new options under “Push Notifications” on the settings page when you run the latest version of Smule. This was rolled out to both the Apple and the Android version.
  28. TARRY034

    Weird noises while record with new s20+

    I am. But did this just for a test. Same problem with headphones..
  29. KeithJClark

    Weird noises while record with new s20+

    In addition to opentype's question above, are you using wifi or cellular? I have a galaxy s20+ its my primary for Smule because the camera adjust to stage lighting 100 times better than iPhone. So I've done research on Galaxy phones. Turn off Dolby Atmos as well as amy other sound enhancing options, as well as restarting the phone. That's what I had to add for now. Keith
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