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  3. opentype

    How to delete my performance in salon

    There is no option to do this. You can “report” any content item on the page and request actions for it.
  4. lyssanorexia

    My Immortal

  5. Noor9846

    How to delete my performance in salon

    How can i delete my performance here in salon? I don't see any option
  6. Noor9846

    Hiw far I'll go

    No one knows how deep it goes...
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  11. Adorbz

    Hush hush

  12. _RamKrish1012

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    Tenor Prima iRig Pro IO Costs Aud$ 250 and Audio Technica AT 4033A Condenser Microphone costs Aud$ 430 that is Aud $680 and I have already spent Aud $ 650 on my new IPad 6th Gen 32 Gig Wifi 2018 Model. Lot of money for Bathroom singer like me. Let me test the Tascam first. Can you tell me if you are using an iPhone or an I Pad and if it makes a difference Cheers Ram
  13. _RamKrish1012

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    Test the Tascam...cheaper last opportunity 😉 Absolutely. Just ordered one on line and should arrive in a few days. Thanks Boss
  14. _RamKrish1012

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    Teno Prime Bro, Have to admit this is amazing stereo quality using iRigPro IO with condenser mic Audio Technica AT4033A. Are you using an Apple Mob Phone or an iPad ? Agree I can buy all the hardware, but have to accept that my vocal chords are 73 years old and worn out and the sensitive mic picks up my breathing considering I am short of breath. I am not a professional singer. Singing on Smule is a passion I have developed since being introduced to Smule in Sept 2017 and I love it. I do have the iRig Pre now that has its limitations. I will give the Tascam IXZ a shot to see how it works with the iPad. and then I shall invest in a new iRig Pro IO and a condenser mic Audio Technica AT4033A ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to assist. Much appreciated. Ram
  15. vaine


  16. JaumeMod

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    Test the Tascam...cheaper last opportunity 😉
  17. Tenoreprimo

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    Thanks. I switched to an irig pro IO which is pure digital and sounds better. It also has independent headphone volume control. I do use a condenser MIC as well. its and Audio Technica AT4033A In this track you can hear how clean it is. https://www.smule.com/recording/anastasia-musical-in-a-crowd-of-thousands-real-instrumental/264509620_2581260533
  18. _RamKrish1012

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    Open Type, I cannot say I am Happy with the iRig Pro. You are absolutely right about the flat sound in the head phones and this affects the way I sing. I sang the same duet twice. First time with iRigPre and the second time by plugging the head phone straight into the Mob phone and allowing the Phones Built in Microphone to record the audio. The latter sounded awesome. Perhaps I am not optimising the gain adjustment as I am not sure how to set it. For each duet I have to record a bit first play back and listen. Tedious process. There are also times when the recording has a continuous grrrrrrrr noise like an old Valve Radio. I have not used the iPad as I am unable to buy a suitable stand as it is not available for the new Pads. Apple support team said they could not help. Looks like I am the unlucky Jonah JauneMod, I plan to get the Tascam IXZ. I am told this is Basic Model. Would you suggest something better? You wrote "For digital solution probably a Scarlett Solo from Focusrite trough Lightning-USB camera adapter but you will need to set-up some options in Mac before to use in iPad." Is this for Smule recordings. I am no professional just a Joe Blo having some fun singing Looks like I am the unlucky Jonah
  19. _RamKrish1012

    Technical issues with iRig Pro I/O and Smule sing

    TenorPrimo, Tats amazing recording quality using iRig Pre. I bought an iRig Pre and have plugged my ATH-M50x Head Phones and AKG-D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone to the iRigPre which is plugged to my Samsung 7 Android phone. and I wish I could say I am getting good quality audio. Some duets are Ok sound and at other times I am getting a lot of Grrrrrrr Noise in the recording. How do I optimise the gain level. Are you by any chance using a Condensor Microphone, as I think I can see a Noise shield being used by you. Cheers Ram
  20. Reneenew1

    Smule and iRig Pro Duo

    Update I switched the phone to an iPhone 6plus works perfectly:) not sure why the iPhone X didn’t but who cares Thanks for the help
  21. Jaay23

    Blue Yeti

    I use my blue yeti with the sing app on my Samsung S9. But I can't hear myself in my headphones. Voice feedback doesn't work when I use my blue yeti for some reason. Is this an incompatible issue? It records fine but theres no voice feedback in the headphones. The voice feedback worked with my yeti when I was using the S7. Anyone know how to fix this?
  22. Reneenew1

    Recording on Smule with Irig Pro Duo

    Still can’t get it to work? Same setup above still no sound through the Mic what am I doing wrong lol
  23. Alex_luscious

    Whats new Scooby doo

  24. BrainDad

    Copy cats on smule.

    I don't think style is something that can be stolen, as you can keep it no matter what. Anyway, what I would do is second guess if I'm actually being imitated. I mean , picture you are a copy cat... You've got a whole wide world of profesional singers and performers to imitate their style ... Would you go to a karaoke for it? really? If answer is still yes, just consider imitation as the sincerest form of flattery.
  25. opentype

    Smule and iRig Pro Duo

    Not sure. Unless your Smule version is very very old, it should pick up the signal automatically. How exactly are things connected?
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