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  • Smule adds new feature to save audio-only songs as video with text animations

    Smule just started a beta phase for a new feature that allows users to save audio-only songs as a video with the lyrics being animated in various styles. The feature is available for new solos and collaborations on the latest iOS version. You just record your audio-only solo or OC as always. On the last screen where you choose whether the song is public and whether you want to invite all your followers, there is a new options to save the song with animations. 


    If you select this option, you can pick from currently 12 different animation styles, as seen in the picture above. Solos and joins using this option will now be saved and played as video. Here is a song with this feature turned on:


    What do you think? Do you like this new feature?
    You can also submit feedback to Smule here

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    I have used this several times lately and it adds and little somethin somethin to my audio only videos! Great add on by Smule!

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