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Scammers and fakes on Smule?


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I must say, I’ve never had any issues with fake accounts or people looking for relationships. I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed! Lol

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There are a lot of "nasties" on smule.

I have experienced people who pretend to be famous people, people who don't sing that only wants to chat. I have experienced brigading (people who instigate blocking of users), indecent exposure (pornographic). I have complained to smule in the past, I have even given them features to implement in the software to protect users. Smule pays very little attention to the well being of its users. One "Smule Star" has been involved in bullying that almost resulted in the victim taking her own life. Smule cited, "He makes a lot of money for us". I group of people on Smule were bullying people within my group. When i complained to Smule and Smule investigated, I ended up being the one "who was bullying them", I was banned for three weeks.

So, to make a long story short. Just sing, have fun and don't become embroiled in smule politics. 


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Hi just telling you all to be careful of calumscott277 he said he loved my singing, but I just didn’t trust him for some reason, so I researched Calum Scott and on google it said he was a openly gay man and on his official Facebook page said he should have music out in January 2021. 

I called him out on his new music release date he told me just didn’t add up to what Facebook was saying, I even asked if he was gay and he said no he is no longer gay because of a ex relationship, but google still said he was gay, then he said he thought I was a female when I am clearly a male Lmaoo, so women or gay men be careful! 

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I'm finding about half of my current followers are these guys.  Apparently noone told them Smule is a karaoke app and not a dating app. LOL  I normally don't answer the DMs, I just leave them be and let these guys come and go as they please.  I'm only blocking if they get too persistent.  Some have the crazy notion they deserve my attention because they followed me.

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