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  • Smule launches Live Looks filter

    While going live on Smule you can now apply real-time video effects, which change your appearance in ways you might know from apps like Snapchat. 

    In Smule the feature is called Live Looks and it can be accessed in LiveJams through the filters button in the bottom left corner. At the moment 16 different effects can be used. A few are shown below. 


    In addition, Smule also improved the appearance of LiveJams in the app. Instead of just showing a single profile image, both current participants are shown along with a still from the live performance. 


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    You’ll need two devices. I used my iPhone and iPad. Stand your iPad up with your Snapchat app open and choose the filter you want to use. Then hold your phone with the Smule app open with the camera facing the iPad. When you begin singing, you just hit record on Snapchat too and that’s all there is to it. Hope I explained it clear enough for you to understand. I used to sing a lot with Snapchat—makes really cute duets. 😊 Good luck! 

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    Now as for the filters in the Live Jams, they’re really simple. You’ll see them lined at the bottom of the screen and you just click on the one you want to use while singing. Neat little feature! 

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