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  • Røde NT1-A

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    The RØDE NT1-A 1 is a cardioid condenser microphone delivering the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability. 

    With a self-noise level of only 5dBA it is widely recognised (along with the NT1) as one the world's quietest studio microphones. This low noise makes it an ideal vocal microphone as well as perfect for recording guitars and percussion.

    A studio grade pop shield and shock mount is included, along with a premium 20' microphone cable, dust cover, and an downloadable instructional video packed with recording tips.


    Maker: RØDE
    Price range: 200–500 US$
    Compatibility: Adapter required
    Technology: Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Cardioid
    XLR mic which requires adapter with phantom power
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    It’s a TOP studio mic with a clear and crisp sound and I have the complete vocal recording solution with pop-filter and stuff but it’s too complicated for smule since a mixer or adapter is needed. So need at least a separate room or some space to set up everything. Plus you need a stand or a holder. I recorded with it in a recording studio as well.


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    Well let's say it like it is the Rode NT 1a has the lowest noise floor with a frequency range from 20 Hertz 20 kilohertz I can tell you by this Mic and there's nothing wrong with it it has great sound does excellent recordings but the final word on this is 

    it for your voice female voices and male voices have two different frequency ranges you can find this info on YouTube after you find this info it will answer the question is this mic right for you. Only you can decide... 

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