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Score after recording


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How is score decided at the end of recording?

For collab is the original singer , who invited us,performance is added ?

How to increase score in Solo AND in Collab?

What is the lowest and highest score? Thank you





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If it's a contest scores are rated on your vocals your clarity your pitch how accurate you are in your singing and reproduction through effects how close you can come to the original singer or sound all of these are tallied up and then a score is given.

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The highest scores I receive are in the 30,000+, not sure if those scores are good or bad. I don’t know the scale. Please tell me if you know.  I have received lower scores on songs I’ve sung that I feel I sound much better than the ones with the higher scores, so I don’t put too much emphasis on the scoring. 

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I have received above 100K for those that I improved over iterations. I have received 40 K for some songs in one iteration. Just a share with all politeness and respect.

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The scores are pretty meaningless, really. If it’s a shorter song or your part is smaller, you’ll likely get a lower score. If you edit the song afterwards, your score will go way up. Mainly it’s how close you are to the guide, but sometimes trying to stay close to the guide notes means you can’t put your own personality into the song. So I’d say don’t worry too much about the score.

I was told years ago that if you scored over 10,000/18,000 on a duet you’d have a better chance of being featured, but I’m pretty sure that’s no longer the case, as it’s just the same people get featured over and over again!

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