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iTrack Solo Smule Settings ?


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Brought an itrack solo as sing salon says smule supports these 3 types of interface viz: Tazcam ixz , iRig , iTrack Solo . my irig works fine but just to get rid of the 9v battery replacement i tried switching to iTrack solo and when attached it throws a typical message always 'Headphones not connected' Please guide through settings :)

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Perfect !

Tried with a 3.5mm headphone jack , As the ipad 2017 edt has both lightning and 3.5mm input i had connected the itrack solo through lightning and inEarphone through 3.5mm jack input. The recording result is horrible :( 

Thank You Sir for sharing your knowledge and guiding .

I think itrack solo is not at all compatible with smule app. iRig Pre is the best option for external mic till date.

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It works fine with garage band .

Other apps i haven't tried though, But smule output is too bad . I just bought this itrack solo for smule app and smule does not support itrack solo at all . i have used tazcam ixz and irig pre and was pretty satisfied , Just to avoid battery power and hoping to sound better i chose to upgrade to itrack solo .

Had taken a bad decision .

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So what does it sound like? Distortion? Noise? Too little volume? What is going on?

I intend to try/buy an iRig PRO I/O soon. It’s also not officially supported, but works through GarageBand apparently. Much more expensive than the iRig PRE, but it has an optional power adapter. 😃

Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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Hello , I just wanted to contribute to this discussion. I track Solo should work with the Smule. I can use Scarlet 2i2 Focusrite , Steinberg 22 MKII , Apogee Duet with smule with no problem. The trick is that you may need this :https://www.amazon.com/Apple-MK0W2AM-Lightning-Camera-Adapter/dp/B01F7KJDIM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516820510&sr=8-2&keywords=apple+camera+kit

I successfully managed to get all my external audio interfaces work with Smule. One thing is that there are two types of Apple camera kit . The one slot won't work  since the units need more power than the ipad can provide.

Itrack's USB cable goes into the USB slot of the Apple camera kit and lightning cable of your charger goes into the lightning slot. You have to connect both before you connect your Apple Camera kit to your ipad.

Than start the Garage band. When you see warning in Garage band regarding turn on monitoring say YES. Try to hear your own voice. Set the input channel to channel one which is microphone channel on your ITrack Solo.

If you see a "this device requires too much power warning " right after you connect your apple camera kit to ipad  do not worry . Unplug the camera kit , unplug the ITrack's USB cable from the camera kit. Replug it back after a second or so than connect the camera kit to ipad . Same route. Open the Garageband, turn on monitoring channel 1 as an input channel . Than start Sing (Smule ) and enjoy . Let me know if you need more help . 

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Just now, opentype said:

Thanks! Very interesting. 

The crucial part is in that sentence I think. This works with iPad, not every iOS device like iPhone and iPod Touch. 

Nope. It does work with the IPhone .Not sure about the IPOd since have not tried but no reason why it would not work.

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Hello everybody! I'm new around here.

I try to find on the web a method to have the better sound quality in Smule with my Iphone. I understood that I need an interface. OK!

But i don't understood if interfaces like "Focusrite Scarlett Solo" works "well" to recorder my voice on Smule or not.

Could one of you please clearify me about this topic?

thank you very much in advance.

Sorry for my bad english.


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Hello, I have same set up for Smule with Rode Microphone, Steinberg ur44 audio interface and dspfx app and iPad Pro . Works great with Smule App. I want to make vocal sound greater, want to interface differently using MacPro desktop ( no iPad). I have cubase 10 DAW software being using for home recording. I took line out from ur44 to mic in into iPad, with attenuated converter cable. Selected NONE in effect setting in Smule , so it records exactly what's coming from ur44 interface. The monitored sound from Smule (iPad) is the same as from ur44 interface. But recorded sound isn't . mixed dynamics, reverb, delay in vocal has been reduced drastically.It sounds dull. tried everything to balance, but results are not satisfying . Is NONE effect studio has compressor  ?? . I tried with apple earbud mic and it sound okay (no compression )........If you can shine some light on this subject, will be greatly appreciated ....

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