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Join Sing.Salon clubs, post your best performances

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We are happy to announce, that we bring back two features, which now combined, could potentially work great: Clubs and song posting. 

A few years ago, Sing.Salon members could easily post their Smule performances in our Stage section. While many of our members posted songs, very few listened to the songs, because for each visiting member, it was just a rather random and arbitrary list of performances. 

But now we allow song posting again as part of our Club feature. This means you first join a club—for example about a music genre you enjoy—and then you will be able to only see performances matching that genre. 


In addition, you can also join our language clubs to talk about Smule in your native language, should English not be your native language.


Check out the FAQ page for more details. 

And now give it a try and join a few clubs:


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