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What equipment are you using with your c type phone ?

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Hi . I usually use my android phone with 3.5mm audio jack with I rig pre and sm58 microphone and shure wired headphones works a treat. Yesterday I bought a new android phone with no audio jack just a c type port .  I have tried various combinations of adapters and even bought Apple c type earphones     ( wired)nothing works. I despair. Surely it shouldn't be this difficult to connect my I rig or get adapters that work . What do you use in your set up ?  Many thanks for any advice I'm desperate . P.s my wireless headphones cause too much lag plus it uses my phone microphone which is rubbish .

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I now have an Honor 6 magic lite which has a c audio port BUT it only recognises a charger when inserted into port.  I have tried all the debug instructions that honor tell you to do.  I bought a C to 3.5mm female adapter and plugged the irig into that 3.5mm port and headphones into irig like I normally would but the music is playing out from the phone and is using phone microphone.  I then bought a C to usb female as I also have a usb condenser microphone, plugged all that into my audio box go interface, I sang a couple songs but on play back they sound was waving in and out and it seemed it was phone microphone again and had a terrible delay, I just don't know what to do. 

So as it stands I would like to use my irig pre 2  with wired headphones and it would have to go into an adapter 3.5mm to C and get all that to work of course with my SM58 microphone plugged into the irig.  I think my main issue is my new phone not recognising anything other than a charger even though spec says its also a C audio port and supports OTG..  I even bought apple official C wired earphones, guess what, nothing happens when I plug them in so I'm. Sure it's a phone setting.   Why did they take away the audio jack  it's a massive headache.  I ended up in tears tonight as I can't get any combination  to work  even have spent more money this week including a small tablet today with a 3.5mm audio jack only to find the video quality is not fit for the purpose.. Any advice. Thanks in advance. 

2 photos of the adapters I tried.  Singing with these sound terrible very intermittent and distant. 



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Most of these adapters will just be “headphone adapters”. They do not have support for the microphone channel. 

A proper adapter is called TRRS instead of just TRS and it might have a microphone symbol on it. 



There is unfortunately still no guarantee that those will work with every phone, but without a TRRS adapter it will definitely not work. 

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Hi opentype. 

I bought the adapter you advised me and pleased to say it works HOWEVER I now have horrible delay and don't know how to correct it. My singing is in time with the music but my video is way off sync . Also the song  and my vocals starts  in time but as the song goes on my vocals start to fall.behind the music slightly . If I correct it using the vocal slider then my voice is too fast at start of song .  It's  making me crazy 😢.  Is this fixable ? P.s I tried 2 different microphones both same issue.  Many thanks for all your help with this. 

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On 4/9/2024 at 10:04 PM, Laneyfan said:

Is this fixable ?

Probably not. You could report it to Smule and tell them exactly what type of phone you are using. This is an issue between the phone’s hardware and the Smule app. The microphone doesn’t matter. 

The sync feature for Android phones is global. You can only set the relation between audio recording and the rest. But that will be applied to the entire song. 



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