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Pasting Just the Lyrics without Synchronising the Timing while Uploading a Backing Track

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I had raised this feature requirement with Smule management/support a few years ago.

While Uploading my own Backing(Karaoke) Track, I would just like to paste the Lyrics statically without Synchronising the Timing so I can refer to it while recording. In the current system, if I add lyrics to a track, I need to necessarily time it, which is not easy.

For singers like me, I already know how a particular song has been sung originally, I would like a feature where I just add the lyrics, mention opening lines block, interlude music, stanza block, ending lines etc that can show up statically on screen for reference during recording, the system should not force me to time the lyrics with music as I already know when to sing which line.

I such a feature possible?

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As a regular songbook uploader myself, I find the lyric timing annoying, but given the nature of the app it is necessary. Otherwise, the lyrics would just remain static on screen. When you upload on the platform, you also must think that others will see this song and sing it (either by listening to your opening, or through the algorithm while searching the best version to sing).

I don't think it'll be a feature since it goes against the "karaoke" experience the app wants to bring.

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