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Smule unfollow problem

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Most of us are familiar with the follow/unfollow trick to increase follower count used by spammers. You can see all the previous discussions on this topic here by searching for 'unfollow' at the top.

The main problem is that Smule does not let us know when someone unfollows us. 

Duets.fm can now show all those that you are following that is not following you.  If you have not heard of duets.fm, here are a few reasons to try the app

Please let me know what you think. 



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I just tried it, and I think its a great feature. So far it was a laborious process where I had to manually compare the Follow/Unfollow list to find out who it is that don't follow me back, so this App showing it in a list is very handy.

Now if I am in a mood to prune my Following list or let go some of them, this list would be the first to draw up 😁

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It's truly a great feature that I might not look at every day, but something that I would access every once in awhile, as Glasnost77 said, if I felt like pruning my list (which I guess could be called Smulescaping? Hahaha).

I really love the use of the arrows, though. Is that what this looked like on Smule before they took this feature away? I'm not sure I was around when Smule shared this information with us.


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@Duets.fm actually this just failed for me - I realized one singer (mutual following) had unfollowed me some days back, so to confirm I drew up the list in the App of singers only I follow, but he wasn't in the list. He still shows up in the 'Both follow' list which is inaccurate (I confirmed from the other singer's following list that they dont follow me).

On the other hand, I recently unfollowed a singer whom I had been following (but she wasn't following back) but the singer still shows up in my 'Only I follow' list in the App. I tried updating the App to latest version and also touched the Refresh icon at the top of the screen, but no change.

Edit - I just saw you mention that the app updates these lists just once a month ? Any way to force it to refresh the list ?

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Posted (edited)

@Glasnost77 This operation needs to have a restriction on how often it runs, as it is a relatively expensive operation.  Even if I provide a 'run on demand' feature, it would restrict it to 'Not within X', where X is some number of days. How many days is reasonable, is the question. 

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@Duets.fm it didn't work for me - I updated to the latest app, and then clicked the refresh icon next to the Show Singers line. After few seconds got a message that refresh completed, and the icon changed to the disabled icon. But, in the 'Only I follow' list it still shows singers whom I am no longer following. Also the 'Following' count is not correct and does not match with what is currently shown in the smule App/website

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On 5/9/2024 at 1:12 PM, Duets.fm said:

@Glasnost77 The latest version of the app can update followers/following on demand. See the docs for more details.  

@Glasnost It should work for you after updating to the latest version. But, you still have to wait for a week (from the last run) before you can run it again. 

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