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Smule blog: NEW Style Studio App: Create Your Own Styles to use in Smule!

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It feels like you murdered my favorite thing in the entire universe… With this last update… Even if you're not developing it anymore perhaps you could give us access to the previous version before you took away so many of the features We use to express our heart and soul and be creative and make friends and sing!

instead of singing and stuff… all I've been doing for the past day or three has been talking with people about how much we dis like what you've done… And figuring out a way to work with or around it… Wiping my device over and over again so I can try to get an old version back… on the devices that I use that work well rather than the outdated ones that don't… I might learn how to recode apps thanks to you…  No I'd rather not…And I haven't sang one song… And that's really a bummer… To say the least…


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Gone is my comfort in singing with this new feature that has killed my passion towards singing. I normally don’t send invites but only join my dear ones. Now, with these styles option, I’m being forced to join with what the inviter has chosen. Don’t have any free way. Changes are a necessity, but should only be for good. It would have been very wise, had smule taken an opinion poll from it’s users, before bringing in this draconian change.

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Yes there should be an option for the joiners to change the style effect etc fixed by the inviter. 

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