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Streamer With Questions about Emulators, IOS & using my current setup

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I am a charity variety streamer on Twitch who has been a VIP on Smule for years but for the last year has been playing Twitch Sings.  Twitch sings has been canceled & I'm looking into streaming from my Smule app BUT I would need to use my current streaming setup (pro mic & mixer) on my windows PC.  I have an apple Iphone XS Max. Does anyone know of an emulator that is relatively simple, inexpensive(if not free) that would allow me to do what I am looking to do? or another way to do it?   

I was bed bound for 5 years with severe fibromyalgia & unable to sing during that time. When I finally was a bit better & could sing again Smule was a life saver.  I can not go back to not singing. It means too much in my life.  Thank you for any and all help 




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Uhm...I'm not sure how well it works with mics, but the only phone emulator I can remember is BlueStacks

(You can search for some other ones that are also free on YouTube, but I think BlueStacks is relatively popular and reliable?)


Alternatively, (price/reliability wise, I'm not too sure), you can either:

(a) use some kind of screen share application that allows you to interact with your phone from your pc [I'm not familiar with these, so idrk if they 'd support mics]

Or (b) probably find some kind of adapter for your set up to connect to your iphone (as type-c cables seem to be increasingly rising in popularity, it should be relatively easy...?)


*feel like it's not that helpful but still hope this helps a bit 😅*

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Hey Timey! I've used ldplayer to stream smule and it worked pretty well. I didn't have to change my sound setup as it uses the computer's default. Hopefully it'll be that easy for you. I couldn't figure out how to split my webcam in the emulator though, so I just sing with the camera off and have my camera set up in obs. Hope that helps! I'm a twitch sings alum too and I even sang a few duets with you! Have a good one!

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