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Smule upload: Song Title Change

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Ridz Azuerai

How can a song or artist title change after uploading a few weeks?

  1. Open a desktop browser
  2. Go to your profile page and the song uploads. 
  3. Open the song and click “Edit”
  4. Click the Edit button next to the title

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-09 um 20.09.00.png

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  • opentype changed the title to Smule upload: Song Title Change
Ridz Azuerai

Like i said before.. i can not change.. see attachment for example... 

Original tittle i put is Hilang Naluriku Once Makel [HQ Stereo™] but already change to HILANG NALURI only. When i trying to editing it seems only that's named will appear. 


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Wonder RN


I have also noticed a few of my uploaded songs with the titles and the artist names changed.  I don't think this is a bug.  it sounds like there is a hacker out there just messing things up.  Because I also cannot edit the song when I try to in my computer.

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Ridz Azuerai
Posted (edited)


Only some songs have this problem. Cannot edit except delete.

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when i accessing the song i can edit. but once i submit   it  i can not  edit. Is there a way to delete song from song book or edit? I remember previously i had that option . but now i can not  see .Thank you for kind help.

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Hi, long time songbook uploader here,

@Pavla Usually this happens because your song has been "licensed", smule will automatically change the title to their liking. The title will be locked (greyed out) and can no longer be edited. However you can add extra title to it. If you cannot find it in the app, that means the song is restricted in your country.

@Ridz Azuerai Yes, adding symbols, extra characters to title/artist can prevent this (before uploading the song)👌.

@opentype It's not really a bug and reporting won't help. Even if the song shouldn't be licensed they don't care, trust me. Hands down worst customer service ever. 

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