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  3. opentype

    Using Clap Box CB 322 with Condenser Mic for Smule

    In the case you describe, yes. But it makes no sense to just buy it just for that. If he started to sound better, it’s because of the condenser microphone.
  4. Dark Glasses_John

    Which is a better interface - iRig Pro I/O or iRig Pro Duo

    Hi all, I just bought the irig pro duo and had to buy dc power supply and I’m waiting on a splitter with 4 ports. 1, 3.5 headphone jack, 1, lightning headphone jack, 1, power lightning jack and 1, usb-C power jack. I’m hoping it will be a work around instead of the power bridge to keep powering my iPad/iPhone but shall see later today when it gets here. It’s only 16.99 compared to 65.00. I also got the N1 Rode mic and just got the Eyeball Fatboy from Kaotica and I have to say it is worth it for aspiring artists. I did a solo showing the difference in sound quality of a short version of Oceans if anyone wants to hear. Now that’s said... My question is regarding singing with two mics. I got it to work with the duo in the irig recorder app but I need help with what cords/cables to get to make it work on Smule if any more are even needed? Or do I need to use my Henyh Q802USB interface and or if I need a condenser and pre-amp as well to start recording my own music. Also if so can I use the duo with the interface if needed? Here is a picture of the other interface. Right now the only cables I have are the two mic cables male to female ends. If someone could show me a picture diagram of cables to what ports to what devices it would be greatly appreciated?!? Thank you.
  5. A friend of mine on Smule all of a sudden was sounding like a professional. Awesome sound, but VOC showed he was still using standard Ear Phones. So I asked him what he was upto. He said I have no clue. My son presented me with some gear to sing on Smule and hooked it all up but I have no clue. So he sent me a Video clip. He is now using a Rode Condenser Mic with Puff Filter and the mic is connected to a CLAP BOX 322 that provides the necessary 48V Phantom Power required for all Condenser Microphones. The Clap Box connects to the Mobile Phone (an Android Phone) I am not sure if the CLAP BOX is just a Power supply unit or an Interface for Mobile Phones. It has no gain control like we see in Tascam Ixz or iRigPre etc. Want to hear from some one who is Using the CLAP Box CB 322 for singing on Smule and whether it is ok to use with iPad Cheers Ram
  6. opentype

    Sing.Salon App?

    Nope. No app available or planned. But I recommend this for mobile users:
  7. Yesterday
  8. Lordpie24

    Sing.Salon App?

    Is there a Sing.Salon app I can download, rather than use browser??
  9. Ks2i_supri_kd

    G ag m

    B cc
  10. Last week
  11. DuetWithAlli

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    Honestly I think this is exactly what a block is for, to stop users from harassing or annoying you. The block feature on Smule is somewhat lame in that it doesn’t stop someone from viewing your profile or recordings ... but it stops contact. If you block a user, that user is no longer following you, will receive an error message if he/she tries to follow you again, and will no longer receive your invites. You will not receive messages from this user. You will not receive notifications if this user loves or comments on your recordings. Oddly enough, the blocked user is still able to love and comment on your recordings, you just won’t know unless you happen to listen to a song he/she loved or commented. It’s hard, but I try not to respond to problem users. Just delete offending comments, delete recordings if necessary, block, and move on. I think one of the issues is that Smule doesn’t inform users on how to delete recordings and block people. I abandoned my first Smule account because I felt threatened by someone, and at the time I didn’t know I could simply delete his recordings and block him. I would probably only report to Smule if someone is disgusting, predatory, or threatening. Or if someone makes multiple accounts to get around being blocked, I will report. Otherwise, I think a block will suffice.
  12. AngelusAngel

    Missing you

    Hey, hört doch Mal rein 😊
  13. _RamKrish1012

    @Mentions - No Photos on Profile Pages ????

    DuetWithAlli, When I join an invite and I get a message thanking all joiners. it is a total turn off for me as the person you are singing with could not be bothered listening. I have also found that many singers send a thank you joiners and also send a "wow You sang so well" sort of BS. Initially I fell for it and later figured out the same message qwas sent to all 29 joiners. What we experience on Smule is HUMAN BEHAVIOUR of all types of people. many forget that every member is human and with feelings etc. Any way sorry I digress from No Photos on Profile Page ---even now. Contacting Smule support is a waste of time as they tell you they will pass the message on to the Project teams etc and that is the end. FOMO is my son& DILs Business. I am not involved other than attending and have a great day out. I am more an Elton John, Billy Joel, Leo Sayer, Phil Collins, Savage Garden, Eagles .... fan. I have to check ut your Indonesian songs :-)
  14. rick1920

    How Far I'll Go by HollyKirungi

    wow youre voice is really great and its amazing how your hams blendwith hers its like the song was ade for you both
  15. DuetWithAlli

    @Mentions - No Photos on Profile Pages ????

    Thanks for sharing that. I actually got burned out on Smule. I went away for a few days. When I came back, I still didn’t feel like I could comment to my joiners. So I listened and loved their recordings. And used @joiners to comment to all after the fact. There are some really strange glitches in Smule. If you contact support, and they understand your issue, I think they are very helpful. But I imagine it is more challenging with Android devices. Oh that’s amazing that your family is involved in a big event like this! I have heard of Nicki Minaj but the others ... no idea. I don’t listen to a lot of current music. I sing mostly 80s rock music, particularly Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses. Bryan Adams ... I love him. And a little bit of everything else. I also sing Indonesian music.
  16. _RamKrish1012

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    I started to follow a lady who I thought sang very well. She was sending about 20 to 25 invites a day and I had to quietly unfollow this lady. Looks like she had nothing else to do all day. 🤪
  17. _RamKrish1012

    Suggestions for Smule Developers to Consider.

    SUGGESTION NO: 5 Under Notifications we now have Activity and Invites. Invites are arranged in the order they get posted to Smule. This means the Oldest Goes to the Bottom and Newest stays at the top. Nothing wrong with this if you are receiving only a few invites. But if one is receiving few hundred invites a day, one has to SCROLL down miles of Invites to get to the ones that expire first. Suggestion: Provide a BUTTON next to Invites that reverses the invites to OLDEST FIRST so we do not have to scroll miles every day to get to the BOTTOM. The BUTTON can TURN Red and GREEN to indicate the order of appearance Newest Invites First or OLDEST Invites First
  18. _RamKrish1012

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    DuetWithAlli, All that Smule needs to do is create one more Tab between Activities and Invites call it Book Mark or BM and drop all Book Marked Invites in the order of expiry so we do not miss singing what we have book marked. This will remove the clutter from Activities I seldom send invites. But recently I sent out 20 invites in quicktime for one and only reason, for shoky followers to unfollow me and it worked to some extent. Cheers Ram
  19. DuetWithAlli

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    The only other tip I have on the number of invites you receive ... if I notice someone I follow opens an excessive number of invites, I unfollow. For some people, Smule is a popularity contest. I’m not sure about US singers, as very few sing with me. Same with singers from India, I see very few. But I have seen users who are into groups and support chats, and using trickery, blind loves and possibly bots, to increase their following. I just really love singing, so I try to stick with people of a similar mindset and avoid the rest. And now that I better understand the original topic of this post (sorry for taking it so far off topic!) I will contact Smule about this too. It does seem out of place to have invites appearing in notifications.
  20. _RamKrish1012

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    DuetWithAlli Your Response appreciated. I don't have a problem as I have just 125 followers who followed (and forgot to unfollow perhaps) and I try and limit the no I follow to 100 and strill end up with 500 invites a week With a lot of singers from India ( I Do not know about USA) there is a huge hype and the belief that if you have a few thousand followers on Smule you are "ants pants" and also a bit of an ego trip for people who never had an opportunity to shine and there are others who love playing the numbers game join a hundred people one day at random and unfollow them a few days later hoping you'd follow them. I also came across a member who hired people to do this following and unfollowing. Crazy but true. Singing on Smule should be a healthy pastime for every one. How we make this happen in a million dollar question Cheers
  21. _RamKrish1012

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    Open Type, On Hindsight I should have had more clarity in my Caption: I wrote "Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications" it should have been : "Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping "BOOKMARKED" invites in "Activity" under "Notifications" and preferably include one more tab between Activity and Invites as "Book Marked Invites" in order of Expiry As admin are you in a position to Edit this Caption ? If Yes Please can you do it? Cheers Bro
  22. _RamKrish1012

    Following / Followers

    Few Typos but would not allow me to edit unfortunately "Have to listen you your singing. I belong to the last century though" Meant "Have to listen to your songs. Sorry
  23. _RamKrish1012

    Following / Followers

    Piyush, Mate this sounds a crazy lot of followers. How do you cope ? I am struggling with invites from just 116 followers and my nephew sang three songs with me which I did not get time to hear and the next thing I know he has deleted all three recordings. People get touchy if I do not respond to comments. I find the one common message to all joiners like an auto generated response when you contact suppliers by email. Have to listen you your singing. I belong to the last century though Cheers Ram Sydney
  24. _RamKrish1012

    @Mentions - No Photos on Profile Pages ????

    DuetWithAlli, I just have 125 followers and keep pruning the number of members I follow so Smule does not become overwhelming. Glad you have it all under control, but remember to take care of yourself first as You come first in Your life, followers can come and go but you should go on as you please. Reminded of a Poem I learnt at school called the Brook with the lines: "Men May come and men may Go But I go on for ever" I'll have to figure out at least one song I can sing with you and have some fun. Cheers. PS: Oh I almost forgot, I am at my study and my Mac Pro is On Sing Salon and I Pad on Smule Profile Page showing all seven photoes and @mentions also in text form. My Samsung 7 is on a Tripod on the same table and all the text on my profile page plus photo icins etc are all gone except Life is beautiful and followers following and group. and all Day I have not been able to upload the Smule App and have been unable to comment to thank joiners etc... My Profile Photo in the background is Sydneys Music Festival "FOMO" hosted by my Son and Daughter in law the last 5 years. They had Nicki Minaj this January and Postie Malone last January and Flostradamus the year before. Is this the kind of music you follow ?
  25. DuetWithAlli

    @Mentions - No Photos on Profile Pages ????

    Hi RamKrish. Thanks so much! I am just now reading this, but I addressed it in your other post about invites showing up in the notifications. It is hard to manage a high number of followers, so I take steps to grow slowly. I have been singing on Smule for ... three and a half years I think? And I started singing on my current account two and a half years ago. Trying not to “drown under Smule overload” ... the problem is real!
  26. DuetWithAlli

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    I do have some advice on dealing with a high number of followers and joins. Although if someone already has 10K followers, it may be too late for that person. I carefully manage my invites. Try not to have more than 5 invites open at one time. Avoid current and popular songs. Close invites early, after three or four days, or lock them. Try not to allow an unmanageable number of joins. And I take my time. Sometimes it takes a few days to listen to my friends and regular joiners, and a week or more to listen to the rest. But people who sing with me regularly know I will listen eventually, so very few delete their joins before I get to them. Not much you can do about unfollowing jerks. Checking to see if followers are legit is too time consuming. Now I only follow back if the person joined my song and followed me.
  27. DuetWithAlli

    Can we ask SMULE to stop dumping invites into Notifications

    Oh okay, I gotcha. I wonder why Smule didn’t change the order of the bookmarks on the profile. It does seem strange that this info is thrown in with the notifications ... which as you pointed out, are easy to miss.
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