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Gifts Tab Removed

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With the addition of the News Center tab, Smule has removed the Gifts tab. Instead of being notified of gifts via the tab, you'll now see a little red dot on your profile, which will lead you on a fun little chase through the app every. single. time.

Into your Profile!
Through the About!
Down to your Gifts!
Into the View All!

Doesn't Smule make money off users paying for gifts that are gifted? Not enough to waste time on its own dedicated tab, apparently.


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Also, some people have said it's been like this for awhile, but I haven't updated my app for a few weeks, so I'm just seeing this now. I'm actually surprised I'm seeing it at all, given I haven't updated.

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Annoying! I have been trying to figure out what the red dots were - one above my profile heading and the other above my about heading. 

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Related to Gifts, here's something I've noticed lately. If someone sends a message along with a gift, and if the message is longer than three lines, you actually can't read the entire message. And it's not even something you can view under the regular Messages function. The rest of the message is just...unviewable.

People are suggesting that Smule is perhaps phasing Gifts out entirely (or giving the whole thing an overhaul), given how unceremoniously it got bumped to the literal bottom of the app. 

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