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Bookmarking and Searching for Filters

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We’re not allowed to bookmark or search for certain filters, are we? I must be doing something wrong, but the only way I can find any of my favourite filters is it they happen to show up under the “Choose a Style” options. Most of the time I go into my Recents, go all the way down to the last one, and if it’s one I like, I use it because I don’t want to lose it (because if I pick a new filter not under my Recents, the one at the bottom of the Recent list gets removed). We should be able to bookmark filters and search for filters by name or creator. I just don’t see where I can do that.

Or is Smule forcing people to engage with other users in order to “unlock” a filter, like some goofy Pokemon game of infection tag? “Do you like this person’s filter? Well the only way you can use it yourself is if you join this person!” Seems kinda silly. Let me Smule the way I want, man!

Also, I wish Smule would stop trying to make the “Edge of the Rainbow” filter happen. It sucks on toast.

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