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Some emojis display as rectangle box !

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Using Smule App on my android phone, I find that some emojis dont display correctly, I just see a rectangular box shape in place of the emoji. Do not know if its specific to an emoji or a few or if it happens randomly for any emoji. Has anyone else observed this as well ? Any idea what causes this and to rectify ? E.g I wonder if it could happen between iOS and Android version of the App due to some incompatibility.

Its worse on the PC browser version on my laptop - using Edge browser, those emojis are also shown incorrectly here, but also some which display correctly on phone, appear as the box in PC. Even the shape/looks of some emojis are different in PC Browser version as compared to phone App.

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Emojis are just characters in fonts and new emojis are constantly being added to the standard, so the fonts have to be updated all the time. Not being able to see all is normal. Best to avoid them.  There is absolutely nothing the user can do to ensure others are seeing all emoji being used. 

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