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Suitable Earphones for Smule (Android)

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Hi everyone.

I hope it's ok to post this here as it is not strictly a Smule technical issue...
My earphones broke. So, I am looking at buying new ones. I read that Apple earphones perform best on Smule. However, I am using Android. I have been looking online but could not find a definite answer. Does anyone here have first hand experience at using Apple Earbuds (the wired ones - NOT the Airbuds) on a Galaxy A72? I know I would be able to listen without problems, I am more concerned about the mic. 
Any other earphone alternative (possibly wired and small like the Apple ones, not the big headphone type) that work well with a Galaxy A72 would also be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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Practically any headphone will do but 95% people. Apple headphones are there go to myself the only thing I use headphones now for is to monitor the recording I made and my headphones of Choice are large  shure ht440s

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Hi everyone. In the end, I got the Apple wired earbuds... And they work perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy A72... Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is interested. Thanks to everyone! Happy singing! 

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