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Where to get a Backing Tracks


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Hi Guys,

       I am an uploader in Smule and some of my upload songs has been disabled due to licensing.  But what I cant understand there are other uploaders who uploaded the same song as mine but remain active.. If its due to licensing, isn't it  should be across the board, example: my Desperado by Eagles upload was disabled due to licensing if you check the song book there are more than 40 Desperado songs that are active.  MY QUESTION IS... whats wrong with my materials, WHERE CAN I GET A BACKING TRACKS WITH NO CONTENT ID or ROYALTY FREE BACKING MUSIC..  I buy my backing tracks from Itune and to etc.. its just a waste of time and money.. Please help.. 


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5 hours ago, Ysabel_aus2019 said:

I buy my backing tracks from Itune and to etc.. 

If you buy Karaoke tracks, they are only meant to be used privately. The license never includes republishing the song itself, which is what happens when we upload the songs on the Smule platform. So, it’s technically almost never allowed to use Karaoke tracks you find online. 

What I said so far is about the copyright on the specific recording. The other thing is the copyright on the melody and lyrics. They are independent from the specific recording and some artists/record companies might want to remove their songs from Smule even if you play the background track yourself. 

In conclusion: there is no safe way to upload a popular track other than negotiating this use with the record company or artist. 

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