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Private group join question...


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I'm currently layering a song together with someone.  I'm using the standard Smule work around: I built a style, created a group join, made it private and all is working nicely.

Here's my question: The next step should be to close the join when it's done and make it public.

The problem:

I tried that with a different song I'd been working on today and because of the new "forever"rules,  people are still able to join it! 🤪 In theory.  When I went to make it public AFTER closing it, it gave the that indication.

WTF am I missing? Does the closed version stay intact or can any random person sing all over all our work? 

I don't mind people joining us as a totally new recording, but since it was originally a group open, I suspect they would join the original.

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21 hours ago, opentype said:

If you actively close it, it should be and stay closed. 

If you are seeing something else, it would help to see the song URL to test it. 

I'm hesitant to gamble on something we've put work into.  Maybe I should just experiment.   

I was just curious if there was a system in place I didn't know about.

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