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Problem adding song to songbook?


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Was looking to see if anyone had had a similar problem and came across this forum so hi guys!

Been trying to upload a song to the songbook all day and every time I'm getting the 'there was a problem' error.

The song has been converted to mp3 from youtube as sadly it's not available anywhere else! I've tried a bunch of different converters as I thought one may just have the wrong specifications for smule but every single version leads me to the same result!

Unfortunately I make the parts and time the lyrics each time and then get rejected right at the end...


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It is not you! It's the smule platform with faulty code.

It happens to me and thousands of others and eventually another platform will put Smule out of its misery, either that or someone will buy the Smule platform and fix all of the broken code.

There is no user fix, some admin tool will jump on and just tell you "millions of users... these errors are what happens..." yes these errors are what happens when s platform is so popular that they get paid regardless of delivering a problem-free user experience.

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yeah support told me they’ve gone back to their old uploading tool since the new one is broken! managed to upload finally!

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Yes they must have gotten my and many other support requests because it is working as of today.

Glad that it is still working.

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I had occasional problem posting too.   The error at the final step posting is a pain because you spent so much time getting the lyric, timing, parts to be right and it just got rejected at the end (some error, please retry).  It has nothing to do with 'millions of users' though.  After error so many times, I change to another clean browser, and repeat the same steps again - upload fine.   Just the other browser have issue - so it must be related to coding/testing.  So try to keep a copy of your music/lyric outside and try again on a different browser.

Also have problem when I edit an EXISTING song, and make an error (line too long).  It allows me to save, but then proceed to wipe out the existing lyrics and timing.   In that state, it would not even allow me to edit and recreate the music.   All I can do it to delete that upload (although see next issue).   That upload interface is kind of inane too - every time you make change to the lyrics, it try to guess and assign section type for you - you have to either confirm or deny their selection.    At least for my case, their guess is 100% wrong (not kidding), so have to walk through and deny EVERY offers.    Then the next time I edit, it forgets everything and does the same thing ... forcing uploader to go through this dance. 

There is another issue I reported but they give me an inane answer.   Once I uploaded a song and open it, a bunch of people sing with me.   But because the song has bad timing all around, I don't want other to use it any more - I went and delete the song (just the song, not my OC),   Well deleting the song - also remove any OC's from it, and all people who joins from those OC's - and they would not know about it either (although they would think the opener explicitly delete their collabs - so I lost a few good friends on that - thanks to Smule).  You'd think deleting the song should still leave other performances based on it around, right?  What if thousands of folks already sing out of it.  If the uploader is unhappy in one day, go deleting it, and oof ...  But Smule support say that's how it works ... so be careful to open/sing from any song folks upload ....

Anyway, I just reported problem, waiting/hoping for Smule to fix it ...

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