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So many misconceptions are very popular on smule , and i know that you're saying  "It's Just a Karaoke App"

It's not just an app its a safe place where inspiring musicians , can perform , record,  build and pull sound  developing flavor, Intent, Techniques  as well as building your understanding of music as a whole. Billy Jeoul once said the only way to progress fast enough to meet the demand from listeners who crave new and exciting sounds is to Record.STOP.Record again. with variation Stop.Rest.Listen.Stop and try it again. . How can you better stage performances and studio recordings using this app. its very simple and has more to do with the way we humans are wired which is to say everyone is different would be an understatement. For one no one wants to hear experimentation of sound live on stage or while trying to record a track in a studio with a live band. So if Music is the Controlled Art of Expression using instruments and Voice, than their for you must be in control of the way you feel. when you record something it will not sound the same as you remember the next day if you lack this control, better use of words are Stagnant,Stale,Monotonous sounds you will see artist with thousands of recordings and the latest one is not significantly better how ever as others show tremendous growth of intent and delivery. You too can be a great singer. first you must get rid of the idea that filters are bad that echoes are annoying, and that you should retry over and over on one recording till it sounds right to you... Pure insane these people are who believe that a perfect recording exists and even further from reality are those that believe bad performances should be deleted. only by rest revamping your neurons and listening to these bad recordings at a later time when you are feeling different from when you recorded will your conscious mind  be forced to understand how and when you lost control of the intended sound. use filters understand that each filter has a set of laws that it forces on your natural voice and that almost any filter effect can be achieved or mimicked NATURALLY with none, but the only way to do that is to understand what laws of sound have changed and you wont hear progress if you wont admit that You and I really have only scratched the surface of what we are truly capable of

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