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Problem upload song track


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I Was trying to upload song track for my songbook. I am unable to upload it. I check my music track with smule support team . they said my track was ok to upload. i did several more step to improve it.as 

1. used differance browser.

2.I  cleared browser cookies. 

3,I also try with incognito window. 

but still I am not able to upload my music track. 

please help me. 

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Its  says " something went wrong" and its fail at the time when i drag the music track .

Thank you for responding .I still  need support for this problem.  

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sometimes the error message was, "Did not mean to turn your world upside down for a second"

please help me to sort out this problem. Thank you 

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I think all we can do is provide suggestions at this point.....in the browsers are you sure its not blocking a pop-up window?

Whats the size of the file?

File type?

Got any screenshots? 

Same computer, different browsers, or all different computers?


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