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Names of Uploaders no longer shown


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Why are the names of the people who upload the music no longer shown with the song titles when we are searching for songs? I have my favourites who I use regularly but now I can’t find out who uploads a song unless I start to play it and then their name is displayed. This wastes a lot of time.

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Anna, Just checked this out Samsung searches show the name of uploader still. Next checked it on my iPad and the names are not there for the same search and I could not get out of the screen either. So this is another iPad special.

Smule have acknowledged the problem of not being able to quit the screen and are trying to fix it. I hope uploader names will appear too after the fix.

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My Message to Smule Just now:

Serious Problems using iPad 6th Gen 2018 Model with lightning port for Smule. Need urgent rectification Please.

1- Search facility:  Once we get into this screen we cannot get out of this screen in both Landscape and Portrait Position. We have to turn iPad off and restart.

2- now we have an additional problem:  Song uploads do not show the name of the uploader. With thousands of members uploading we have our favourites knowing the upload will be Top quality. Uploaders name is a Must.

3- I am unable to find the version of Smule update in Settings I am using in my iPad currently

I am not alone. There is another Smule Member from Perth who is having similar problems and she has written to Smule support too. Her Name is Anna Matilda

Is it possible that the problem is limited to Australia ? As No one in USA or India has complained besides us two skippies from Down Under.

I use my iPad just for recording. I use my Samsung mob for reading notifications and messages. All Smule functions are working fine on Samsung

Please Please Please. HELP fix this annoying problem we are facing on a daily basis.

Ram Krishnaswamy

Sydney Australia


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