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Karaoke Setup with Bluetooth Speaker / Ion Block Rocker


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I want to be able to have a home karaoke party with Smule songs using an Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker. Can you help me? Do I need a karaoke mixer? Do I need to run the mics in through my phone? What will be a good setup?

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Do you have the speaker already or do you consider getting it? I think there are actual several options and you could just try what works best. There is an input cable option and the Bluetooth connection. It would depend on your phone/tablet what’s easier to use. I would assume that Smule playback can happen over Bluetooth to the speaker. If not, you would use the cable option with the headphone out on your device and the audio input from the speaker.  The mic mixing with the background audio can happen in the Smule app or in the speaker, which also has that option. 

To use several mics at once you will need a mixer, yes. Again, there are lots of options and I don’t know your budget or your mics or your Smule device. So it’s really hard to give recommendations. 

But I’m certainly interested to hear about your experience if you get it to work. 😉 

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