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  • Who is following me back on Smule?

    A service exclusively available on Sing.Salon
  • Have you ever wished you could easily check if someone follows you back on Smule? Well, now you can!

    Import Followers See results of last import

    We import your follower/following lists and show you who is following back at one glance.

    (You need to be a registered Sing.Salon member to use this service)

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  • FAQ

    Are there any limits?

    • Standard members can try out the service and import the last 25 singers they followed and see if they are following back. 
    • Sing.Salon supporters can use the service without an account limit. You can import hundreds or thousands of singers you follow and check easily if they follow you back. But the more accounts there are in your follower and following list, the longer the import will take. We don’t recommend using the service if your follower or following list contains more than 20,000 accounts.

    How often can I use the service?

    • You can use the service once every two weeks. The imported data stays available for those two weeks, so you have plenty of time to inspect the data. 

    The import was finished. Now what? 

    • After the import, go to the results page to see which of the people you are following are following you back.
    • You can click on the username of the Smule singers to open their Smule profile page. If you want to unfollow someone, make sure you are logged in on the Smule website. 
    • We provide ordering and filtering options to find the accounts you are looking for. 
      • You can order the accounts by the time you followed them (default) or by username
      • You can filter the list based on these criteria:
        • follows back / does not follow back
        • is Smule VIP / is not a Smule VIP
        • is Partner Artist / is not a Parter Artist
      • to reset the filters that were applied, click “Clear Filters”

    I am having issues

    • “I am getting an error message when I start the import.”
      • Make sure the username you typed in is correct. If you are unsure, copy the user name from the Smule website. 
    • “The import started, but then I got an error message later”.
      • This usually means there was a temporary connection issue. It is usually save to try loading the current page again and continue the import. If not, you can also start over. 
    • “The data entries on the results page all have a red background and an error message”.
      • This means that the import was started, but not finished, for example, because you left the website too early. In this case, the imported data on the results page is not reliable. Please start the import process again. 
    • Having other issues? Please ask in the forum.