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Found 1 result


    Look Everybody , I'm a Robot!

    Hey yall LOL Did you like that heading? Do we already know what I'm boot to say? Well it's back! That annual latency issue I, Robot issue, synchronization issue, or whatever else happens what's a gift to us once a year it seems like when we're on Smule. I've been with them for several years now, and I've actually been on this app for several years with somehow my account disappeared and now I'm a newbie again so I'm enjoying the ride again. LOL here's my problem, I have a couple of different phones so I know that it's probably due to the Samsung brand. It's been a known issue with this with that company, Samsung, and from what I'm reading.. Don't ask me what I don't remember... There's number of people with this issue and it has spoiled down to a Samsung debacle. Is it true as anyone heard this and is there a fix anyone knows about. Specifically I'm talking about where you go to sing and you sound robotic. I guess that's the best explanation of it. For my understanding this is actually a slight latency issue where the synchronization of your voice is off just enough where it makes the app recognize you as garbled or robotic sounding board maybe even crackling if you will. All of these sound similar to what the sound is in my earphones so I could put them all together and that's what it sounds like a garbely robotic crackle sound LOL I had latency issues for a full year I could not enjoy the app and they would not refund me and I was really upset about that because they took the money out of my account without my knowledge this year and I was going to skip out of Smule all together this year. I didn't want to pay for something you didn't work and here we go again I just got two new phones both of them are doing this robotic sound. Now with all of that said, let's talk about a different phone brand. Alcatel... Never had one before but I got one because I needed a temporary phone. Let me just tell you guys something and I don't know if you having the same experiences I am but the more expensive for my phone is the worst the phone Mike and everything else sounds on the singing app. I don't know if you're having that but that's what I'm experiencing it's really bulshit sorry for the language. Cheaper phones sound awesome both the sound on the phone mike, as well as the microphone in earbuds. I'm using a pair of Samsung earbuds that actually came with the phone is causing all the robotic sounds. I've got Reece & Sons and all three are doing robotic sounds. The Alcatel $40 phone sounds like a studio if you go to my account right now you'll hear the songs I've been doing with a cheap phone and Samsung earbuds with a mic in them and they sound really clear and really really good to me. I'm perplexed about this anomaly and why is it the cheaper phones of sound so much better they have more deep low-end bass instead of sounding like you're in a tin can and they just sound clear. Can anyone tell me what is going on with Samsung and Smule? Also I checked starmaker... It's doing the same thing so it's most likely Knotts Mueller starmaker I think this is a phone software conflict but I'm no programmer I'm just a little fella trying to sing a song or two for the ladies is anything wrong with that lol all right family hit me up let me know love you guys dammit!