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  • Summer Rain [Cover by Bubu]

    BUBU_Young By BUBU_Young
    43 views on Sing.Salon
    Hi, Bubu here~
    Finally i made my first solo cover, yeayyy!!

    Please like and share this with your friends!
    Every single voice in this is mine (including all harmonies) since I used the official instrumental~ :D

    I don't own the original song Summer Rain by GFRIEND :) Please DO NOT re-upload this song anywhere! I worked really hard on this, and the song belongs to me. If you would like to share it, please just share the link to the song on SoundCloud.

    I do not own the rights to the original song and original lyrics.
    All original content © Copyright Source Music All rights reserved.
    This is purely just a fan-made cover. No profit has been collected in the making of this cover.

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