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  • DarkStardust

    Win VIP - Season 2

      Audition/registration start: 09/29/2017 Audition/registration end: 10/02/2017

    Greetings and Smule-utations! 😉

    Just wanted to drop a quick notice of a team competition set to begin next week (2nd of October) with intent to improve someone's Smule experience by helping them to unlock premium elements of the app for maximum enjoyment.
    “How does that work,” you may say?
    To put it in very simplistic terms:

    We will be giving away a full year of VIP to one talented & deserving winner. =)

    For those of you who have not yet tried VIP, I personally feel that it is quite essential in order to best enjoy use of the app, as well as extend/maximise “playtime” both solo and with other artists/ensembles. Smule is so much more enjoyable with VIP, since it opens up loads of hidden elements, effects, as well as the entire song library – which allows us to sing just about anything we want, whenever we want, without restriction. Taking the plunge into VIP may seem expensive for an app, but is truly essential if one wishes to use the app to its fullest potential. It’s truly like a whole new world, and we want to give you an opportunity to experience it first-hand!  

    Those already familiar with the wonderful world of VIP will surely know already how much more enjoyable the app can be when used with dear friends, family, as well as countless others who love to sing (and may been have invited to collaborate on numerous occasions) – but just don’t seem to “get it” the way that you do. As such, we are also welcoming VIP “sponsors” who wish to help their non-VIP friends/partners to unlock songs for teams to sing in each round.
    So… If you are a VIP with a friend, family member, or someone else in your life who has been eager to use the app more, this is your chance to sing with them & also help them to win their own subscription.

    As such, our "Win VIP for a year" contest begins next week (on the 2nd of October, 2017) & we are now finalising entries & putting together a myriad of fun projects for you to conquer, enjoy, and form into your own magical stylings. Of all entrants we request an initial audition & ask that you bring along a partner (VIP bring non-VIP, and vice-versa) who will be available to sing with you for the duration of our 6 week competition. Potential contestants/sponsors should visit my profile for Open Call solo audition invites, which should be recorded only with “None”, “Polish”, & "Studio” FX.  All invites will remain active through Sunday, then final selections/pairings reviewed & set in place to begin Monday.

    Please leave a note in comments of your completed entries, linking us to your potential partner so that someone can get back to each of you with details & location of our contest group.

    Thank you for taking time to read this post, and we look forward to hearing you soon!

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