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  • Recommendable Smule Gear

    Microphones, adapters and other useful equipment for Smule users

    Keep your phone steady while singing

    Use a table tripod to keep your phone steady …

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    … or use just a clamp and mount it to tripods you already have (e.g. for your photo camera.

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    Buy a singing microphone for mobile devices

    For iOS we recommend an Apogee microphone with a lightning connection …

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    or the iRic Mic HD2, which also works on many Android devices with an optional cable.

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    … or buy an audio preamp to connect any professional singing microphone

    The iRig Pre is an affordable audio preamp to connect professional XLR mics to phones or tablets which still have an analog headphone/microphone socket.

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    The iRig Pro I/O is a fully digital audio preamp which can also charge your phone while singing.

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    To find the perfect microphone, check out our microphone directory with reviews from Sing.Salon members …

    … Apparel for Smule singers

    Check out our shirts and hoodies specifically designed for Smule singers!

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