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Found 53 results

  1. This happened recently and made me very angry. Backstory: I like to sing a falsetto voice whenever I know my falsetto can hit the proper range for a nice harmonizing. To story: I was singing "Say Something" with other people to test my falsetto with other people. Normally part 1 sings melody while part 2 sings either the higher or lower part but the lower part is harder as some notes are harder to reach. After singing for about 20 mins, I felt thirsty and went to get some water before I realized I had receive a message from a user I was singing with. The message read: Dear (my name on Smule), please would you mind singing the lower part as I was drowning out her daughter. (Normally, I only message people on Smule when they are not singing to the melody or are singing at the wrong pitch for the entire song) I tried to comply to the user's request when 5 mins after singing the lower part, the same user message me again, and it went: Hey (my name) can you sing better as now you rather soft. I tried once more, louder but less on tune. This time, the same user message me and it went: Hi, this is AU's (Annoying User) mum, can you please sing a lot better as this Smule entry was supposed to be entered into a competition. I replied Sure. then comes my pettyrevenge: I sang again but this time I sang using Super Falsetto. The song itself was rather high so at the point we were supposed to sing together, I just sang 1 Octave higher than the user, knowingly that I drowned out her voice and when got to my solo, she also sang it so I decided to practice and experiment with falsetto and although some parts felt that it were crashing, other areas harmonize so nicely I just send it and no messages back this time
  2. Ridz Azuerai

    SMULE song uploader activity

    Hello, I am one of thousands of uploaders who regularly include songs in SMULE. Until now I have included thousands of songs in my account and several of my friends. I'm also an amateur sound editor so I'm always looking for the best audio for my favorite songs. My request is that SMULE enable the audio replacement function in the old file if I have better audio. I had previously emailed SMULE but there was no positive response to it. So it's no wonder that in SMULE there are millions of songs because some have the same title and from the same artist. May my wish be fulfilled for mutual benefit. Yours sincerely, Ph0nicStudi0 PH0NICSTUDI02
  3. Many Smule users like to share their best performances through social media. But on Instagram, a regular post is limited to one minutes and stories can’t even be more than 15 seconds long. To post full Smule performances you would need to use Instagram’s IGTV. But there is a catch: IGTV videos are always in a 9:16 (portrait mode) aspect ratio. When you add your square Smule videos, they are being scaled up and cropped, which makes the use of IGTV for native Smule videos almost impossible. The videos are blurry and the only half of the faces of the singers in a duet are visible. So we need to prepare our videos first before uploading them to IGTV. And here are several options to do this. Online Conversion service Especially when using a desktop computer, you can conveniently convert your Smule video online in a browser window. After you downloaded your Smule video performance through our download service, head over to Kapwing’s Resize Video feature and upload your video: Kapwing Resize Video (Pro tip: You don’t even have to download the video first. You can also just copy the target URL from our download button and use this URL with the Kapwing’s service.) On the next page, click the buttons Story (Snap/Insta) or IGTV and No Crop. That’s it! You are good to go and you can click the “Create” button to generate your video. Optionally, you can also change the background color, move and scale the video and even trim it. You can then download your video. As a guest user, there will be a watermark in the video, but you can create an account to remove it. In both cases, the service is completely free! The only downside is that the upload and creation of the video takes some time. If you want to create IGTV videos more often or directly on your mobile device, a dedicated app might be a better solution. Mobile apps to convert to IGTV’s aspect ratio A commercial app for iOS Not surprisingly, app makers understood the need to convert videos for IGTV. A sophisticated (but not cheap option) for mobile Apple device is this: Video Resizer for IGTV Editor Just pick the Smule video from device and make sure the 9:16 aspect ratio is selected. There are tons of additional options to style your videos, like adding backgrounds and custom animated titles. Having these options has its price. The app requires a monthly subscription fee. A free app for Android Our suggestion for Android users is this app: Crop and Trim Video The app is free but shows ads. On the first screen (left picture) choose No Crop and pick the video from your device. Then choose the 9:16 ratio (middle picture). Finally, you can customize your video by choosing what will be displayed above and below your video (right picture). By default, it will be a blurred version of the Smule video, which looks quite nice. But you can also add decorative elements and custom pictures. Once you confirm the selection, your IGTV video will be generated and you can download it to your device. Using video editing software In addition to the mentioned apps and services dedicated to resizing a video, you can of course also use any video editor, especially the ones made to create content for mobile devices. A recommendable free and platform-independent app is Adobe Rush. It’s available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android and you can even sync your projects among the different platforms. Getting used to full working with video editors will take some time though. Which apps and service are you using to prepare your Smule video for social media sharing? Do you have other recommendations? Feel free to post them in the comments.
  4. Guitarbloke

    Strange Audio Issue - Smule + iRig Pre

    Good suggestion! I did try changing the battery last week but it didn't make any diffiernece sadly
  5. Guitarbloke

    Strange Audio Issue - Smule + iRig Pre

    Thanks for the suggestion man - I'll give that a try today! 🙂
  6. Jazz_4_Ed

    New Issue/Glitch Uploading Songs

    I think Someone purposely changed. on Smule Submit Request - it looks like anyone can change a song name or artist. I have a 10 songs that needs correction and I just sent an email and hope someone can change
  7. What would you think of a key change feature? You know, when you sing a song, probably the original key is not the best match for you, even if you are same gender as the original singer. Lots of apps can change this on the fly (Riff studio, for example). I could use a feature like that. Sometimes I search for a "male key" song ... but one doesn't fit all. A fine grained chromatic key change feature would be better. Maybe it would also be a mess, if they don't find where to show the info, as you wouldn't know for sure which key are you joining to. Generally speaking, songs metadata in smule could be better than it is right now.
  8. I have uploaded over 200 tracks on my songbook and its pleasures to contribute a little too much for the community. however i found out that a feature of songbook has been removed lately which is the option to change the backing track of uploaded song. It was very convenient and compact when we was able to edit for the backing track of a specific songs in our songbook. We may have to upload non-karaoke version or low quality tracks in order to get satisfaction of our wants to sing as quick as possible but when the song released a karaoke version or higher quality track, we should have an easy way to go replace the original uploaded track as we could do it in past old days. That could help us to be convenient for searching, choosing, and organizing our songbook and all other users using the songs. Please reconsider and hope that we can get it back. Best regards, HZ
  9. PeacefulJoin

    Song Upload Request

    Songs I wish Smule would upload: On My Way Back Home by Band of Horses Controversy by Prince I Need You by M83 Thank you!
  10. My observation is that the STAGE section has 90 odd pages with 12 uploads per page; and that is over 1000 songs. No body has the time to browse through the lot and as such very few get viewed or commented upon. My suggestion would be to create Categories by Language, English, German, French. Hindi. Tamil etc or genre so visitors can onto desired category and enjoy the uploads. What do you think Guru ? Ram
  11. misterspeakeasy

    How often does SMULE add songs to the official songbook?

    I raised this issue a long time ago in Sing.Salon... and a reply was given from a relatively authoritative source (as far as Sing.Salon is concerned) that, although there may be a number of breaches of copyright when uploading material is concerned), the likely outcome would be a request from the offended parties to take down the recording. Many original creations actually don’t have many listeners (compared to, say, Spotify). A request to take down a recording would seem a pragmatic course of action as far as the copyright holders are concerned. The problem, of course, still exists. It hasn’t gone away. My understanding is that there are a number of interested parties concerned when material is uploaded. 1). There is the copyright to the music (the writers / publishers) 2). There is the copyright to the recording 3). There is the question of payment to the musicians for their performances. 4). There is the question of the arrangement of the music. One practical solution to side-stepping issues relating to 2) and 3) (and possibly 4) is to upload original (usually solo, acoustic, ‘stripped down’) versions of songs. However, there is the very real point that SMULE are making money out of the creative endeavours of others. Yes, there is an effort to wash the hands... but I doubt whether it is true that the bulk of SMULE subscribers gain any kind of remuneration from contributing to SMULE. It’s for enjoyment. And in practice the small number of listeners to each creation barely count as public performances in any meaningful way. Point taken, musiclover2020. You are right. (But don’t lose too much sleep... I don’t think the FBI will be banging on your door at 3.00am.... which is not to dismiss the offence. After all, it is wisely said that the man who is dishonest in small things will be dishonest in larger matters too). I think it is worth while to raise this issue with SMULE through official channels.
  12. inspired_Dev

    How often does SMULE add songs to the official songbook?

    @PeacefulJoin A user uploading a track to the Community Songbook is committing a copyright violation, if they are not the owner/creator of the original song, or haven't obtained the license to use that song in this manner. (I'm not even aware if such a license even exists, since "social karaoke apps" are a relatively new trend compared to the Copyright Laws). For the same reason, everyone singing on top of this "illegitimate" track ( @misterspeakeasy rightly called the licensed tracks in the Official Songbook "legitimate") is also committing a copyright violation from a legal standpoint, since we haven't acquired the permission to make use of copyrighted content in this manner. This has also been defined in Smule's own "terms and conditions" and "community guidelines". What this implies that we are knowingly or unknowingly committing copyright violations almost every time we sing (or upload) on Smule, since most of the songs here are these illegitimate unlicensed user-uploaded tracks, the rights to which we do not own. And that through its "terms and conditions", we've agreed that we "know" that Smule has transferred the responsibility of monitoring our behavior to us, so they are technically "not responsible" for any of this. I wish that more people were made aware of this implication, and that there was discussion of how we all can sing on Smule in a legally sound manner, and be able to demand more legitimate songs as @misterspeakeasy said in his opening post. Will Smule make this fact more clear to users when we use the app, and not keep it hidden in their "terms and conditions"? The chances of this are quite bleak, since Smule's business model depends on letting users add tracks of their choice, without which there would be only a few thousand songs (mostly English), instead of the millions of songs in various languages from all around the world. Going back to your original question @misterspeakeasy, I suppose there are 3 types of legitimate tracks here: 1) Smule-uploaded tracks, for which they have acquired the licenses and paid royalties. I believe there are 2622 of these currently ( this is the number of "Songs" mentioned on Smule's official profile https://www.smule.com/Smule ). 2) Songs from Partner Artists who've made legal agreements with how they and Smule can promote and use their particular songs. Some of these are uploaded from official Smule account, and some from the Partner Artist account. I guess you can find the Partner Artists listed here on Sing Salon and visit their Smule profile for their song(s) https://sing.salon/smule-partner-artists/ I believe both of these will be listed in the Official Songbook database on Smule's website: https://www.smule.com/songs 3) Any original songs that have been composed/written by any Smule user and uploaded to Smule by the same. However, there will be no way to find these easily. You might know a few users you sing with usually who've done that. The rest, which I suppose are 95% or more of the tracks in the Community Songbook, will remain illegitimate, and could be taken down anytime (including deletion of any recordings made on them) IF anyone with the Copyrights to them objects/complains. HOW OFTEN a legitimate track gets added is certainly not clear to me as well, and I don't know any way we can request and vote on getting particular songs added legitimately - I wish there was a song request board for the Official Songbook! But I don't think that will happen until a critical mass of users are made aware (who will do this? probably not Smule!) of the illegitimacy of most tracks on Smule, and our collective demand for more music (which results in the culture of "singers" requesting songs to the "uploaders" and the latter get to work and add these songs to Smule on a pro-bono basis) is channelized properly, so that we can enjoy music responsibly. P.S. I myself am both a "singer" and "uploader" in the Smule app, and only recently stopped uploading & opening invites to songs, after I became aware of copyrights, licenses and royalties. I'm in a state of dilemma & also looking for answers as to how to go about using Smule in a legitimate manner henceforth, and how more users can be aware of this, and how we users can make sure that creator artists all over the world get remunerated for their musical works, which we so love to make use of for our pleasure! Any comments/ideas to this would be very welcome!
  13. inspired_Dev

    How to improve Smule 1000%

    I have ONE suggestion to make it 1000% better: Include a metronome inside the "recording studio", so we can do the freestyle recordings at a steady tempo. And if you could also include a drone sound (like the Tanpura drone sound in Indian classical music), then we can also get a pitch reference, along with the tempo reference that a metronome is. Just set the correct tempo (bpm) and the correct key (the tonic note) while recording in freestyle, and sing anything at a consistent speed and scale. (You can make it a group join, and join yourself later - or get friends - to embellish the basic singing with other instruments/harmonies/beats).
  14. inspired_Dev

    Elephant in the room: 99.5% of all tracks on Smule are illegal!

    @GJAM Hello GJam! I'd read your "Make Smule 1000% better" suggestions. I'm myself a power user of Smule, love using it creatively and in the past have sent many such suggestions to their support@smule.com email but to not much positive response. I think you're looking for something like BandLab or Songtree. Smule's core product ("the recording studio inside their flagship karaoke app") was built in its early days 2008-2013 along with many other creative and fun music apps. Nothing much has changed about it since then. They had a "submit a song request form", this is again from 2013. And did you know about the Songify and Ladida apps? I've put info about it in that link too. Most of the early innovators at the company left or were fired over time after that. If you read the previous posts on this topic, you'll see what I'm talking about (start with the post containing the 2 Glassdoor reviews of ex-employees, right above your reply - you can also read all 85 reviews - both good and bad - by logging into the Glassdoor site). Here's a quote from one of the reviews: There are also plenty of privacy and security issues that need to be solved, people have been complaining and discussing about these here but is anyone listening? : The only new features they've added recently are gifts. And that's just copying Starmaker, which actually is a copycat of Smule. So the culture of innovation at Smule (which would've listened to your "1000% better" ideas) has long been killed off by bad management and leadership. As for your ideas about how copyrights and reuse of original music works, you are wrong on multiple counts: You are simply basing your conclusions about copyrights on what you see happening in the world, NOT on what has really been defined in the law books. I have had an email exchange about this with Smule, and they had expressly stated there that any tracks which users haven't got copyrights to are prohibited by Smule (in their "terms" of course, not in reality - they actually want you to add any and all tracks you can because without user-uploaded backing tracks, there's not much to their product to keep the users aboard, is there? At least not for most of the millions of users.) You are free to add your own compositions, beats and original arrangements to Smule or anywhere else, and that would be perfectly legal, because you automatically have the copyrights for being the original creator of those compositions, beats and arrangements - you are automatically the owner of this content. For practical purposes, you'll have to register your original works with a royalty collection society - typically you'll separately register your performing rights (song licenses - pertaining to the melody and lyrics) and mechanical rights (master recording licenses - pertaining to the actual studio recording), so that you can protect them and make claims of copyrights over them (if say, someone later on was to plagiarize your song: say by copying your song's melody and trying to pass it off as their own without your permission). But if you did not compose a song, or own the original master recording of it, then you don't have the copyrights to use it any way you want and post it in public - you need to obtain appropriate licenses for this. For example, if you posted others' copyrighted content on Youtube, they automatically detect this using their ContentID system, and then they will either take a share of ads earnings you might make from those videos, or entirely demonetize that content (Zero ad revenue for you), or even ban your channel in some cases. You can do anything with the tracks you've purchased legally on your own computer and phone for learning and practice purposes of course, or use them in domestic settings with your family and friends or in private parties. But the moment you post it publicly, it becomes liable to be scanned for copyright infringement - no one might actually approach you or say anything for a long time (giving you and everyone else the impression that it is perfectly fine), but if and when they do, they can take it down or impose fines or take any other legal action, for whatever they own. And this has happened recently on Smule. Backing tracks uploaded by users - and the recordings made on them were deleted, because the record labels or the trade organizations representing them must've sent them takedown notices: https://www.smule.com/copyright. And I've already put an example of how instrumental backing tracks or karaokes can be used appropriately in a previous post on this topic: Again, what I've written is based on how it is supposed to be according to copyright laws. It may not be followed properly in many places, and that's the question of how well our policies, technology and people's wills and ethics work. But, it DOES NOT make such use LEGAL. A whopping majority of user uploads on Smule are not legal and you'll have to change the copyright laws to make it legal.
  15. Hi! Thanks for your downloader, I find it very useful for practice tracks, or recording support voices for myself. This is far from being a critical feature, but ... Could you add the fetched song info to the file tags? Or at least the default filename when it is downloaded. Now all the files come with the title tag: "ver:1"
  16. opentype

    Using smule with external interface

    That actually supports the suggestion that the signal is already too low on the side of the audio interface. My feedback here – based on the sound – would be that you are too far away from the microphone. It picks up a lot of reflections from the room, giving it an unnecessary tinny sound.
  17. _RamKrish1012

    Best Microphone for Smule (Tutorial)

    Hi Menjo, Good Day Matey. I live in Sydney and must say all retailers draw a blank when it comes to Smule DJ City, Store DJ, Turramurra Music etc etc. So you will never know how Happy to watch your video. Nice of You to create the You Tube Video Mate. I tried to post a comment on You Tube but it bombed out for reasons unknown. Just wanted to say Thank You. Personally I started with an iRig Pre which blew up on me and then got myself an iRig Pro I/O thanks to Open Type for the suggestion and it is the best that I could find to date. What I like about the iRig Pro I/O is that it has its own Power supply and it plugs straight into the lightning port of the iPad keeping my iPad Fully Charged all the time. No more Battery Head aches. At the moment I am using the AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone and also my 25 year Old Sony FV 420 Dynamic Mic without Puff filters. Thought I will give myself a nice Christmas present and get the Rode NT1 Condenser Mic Aud $300 or the Shure SM Beta 87A Aud$360 still not sure which ? Cheers Ram Sydney
  18. _RamKrish1012

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    Not Allowing Non VIP Members to either Comment or Record in Video Mode is a Brilliant Suggestion assuming Non VIP members are the harassing crowd. Understandably correct as one has to be a fool to use his VIP ID to harass other Smule members. In all fairness, Smule is a Mobile Phone app and have software developers and management addressing problems raised by Members and trying to find solutions. I doubt if Smule is Monitoring any thing that is going on amongst a million members.
  19. _RamKrish1012

    Suggestions for Smule Developers to Consider.

    SUGGESTION NO.7 FOR SMULE DEVELOPERS TO CONSIDER At this point of time after recording the first part of a duet there is a provision to invite all our followers or none at all. a Smule member may have a few thousand followers and seldom know who these people are and why they are following the singer. In many cases some followers can also be a nuisance making useless noises as they cannot sing for nuts. This can be extremely annoying and distressing. There needs to be another option. Lets for example say 200 members follow me and of these 200, I personally follow say 50 members. I'd like an option to send invites only to "followers whom I follow". All other followers can find my invites on my profile page. This process can help minimise nuisance followers. What I am requesting is another option of inviting only followers I personally like to sing with and follow. This will allow many ladies a bit more freedom and lesser harassment. Ram Sydney Australia
  20. _RamKrish1012

    Bad Audio Recording

    This going back and rerecording facility is available for Audio Only recordings and only on IOS. I use an iPad and have had no problems with audio quality. I can understand recording once if you made a mistake. When you rerecord bits multiple times even you voice the pitch and tempo can change affecting the final recording. It would be better to sing all over again correctly if you can. This is just my suggestion.
  21. _RamKrish1012

    Suggestions for Smule Developers to Consider.

    SUGGESTION NO: 5 Under Notifications we now have Activity and Invites. Invites are arranged in the order they get posted to Smule. This means the Oldest Goes to the Bottom and Newest stays at the top. Nothing wrong with this if you are receiving only a few invites. But if one is receiving few hundred invites a day, one has to SCROLL down miles of Invites to get to the ones that expire first. Suggestion: Provide a BUTTON next to Invites that reverses the invites to OLDEST FIRST so we do not have to scroll miles every day to get to the BOTTOM. The BUTTON can TURN Red and GREEN to indicate the order of appearance Newest Invites First or OLDEST Invites First
  22. _RamKrish1012

    Suggestions for Smule Developers to Consider.

    SUGGESTION NO 4 : Followers and Following Lists. If you look at your followers list you will notice a blue icon of a person with a + sign in Front. These are people you do not follow. The people you follow the icon is gray in colour with a Tick mark in Front. I like this feature. But when you look at the members you are following all of them have a gray icon with a tick in front. This is a no brainer and serves no purpose. Of the members I am following I'd like to know who are following me making them my priority smuleans whose invites I should accept as a priority provided I know the song.. My suggestion is that on both lists mutual followers the icon should be red with a bold Tick in Front and this should also show in the invites A personal friend of mine joined Smule and has been following me for six months but I had no clue as I dont often check my followers as people follow today and dumpy you tomorrow. It is a numbers game for many which I do not subscribe too. In fact I prune the number of people I follow regularly. This lady had a go at me saying I was ignoring her. But then I wont get her invites unless I follow her or she send me a message . I apologised and we are fine now and I pay special attention to her invites. What do you think Guru?
  23. PeacefulJoin

    How often does SMULE add songs to the official songbook?

    Good News! Thanks to Sing Salon the Smule Community has a new upload: the song “Alibis” by Sergio Mendes! 🙌🏼 A nice user saw the post/request on this site, and he uploaded it today. He did an excellent job! It’s precisely timed, and parts are separated perfectly. A big thank you to this super kind user! 🙏🏼😊
  24. _RamKrish1012

    Suggestions for Smule Developers to Consider.

    Suggestion No 3: The More the number of Smule Members you follow the more the number of INVITES per day. To avoid too many invites one has to constantly Prune the number of singers we follow. I patiently Book Mark the Max 100 songs allowed by Smule and do not bother looking at invites until I have sung the songs book Marked. In addition now each day the Activity section is INUNDATED with songs that will expire in the next 24 hours mixed up with responses from Smule Partners. To be Honest this is Now a Mess. These need to be separated. Also I find that Smule auto forwards some Invites for songs we have never heard for Example "One Less Day" by Rob Thomas that will be open for 2 Years and they stay there for ever whether you know the Song or not. I'd love to be able to PURGE this if I want to. HERE IS MY SUGGESTION FOR SMULE DEVELOPERS: Replace the "JOIN" button by "BOOKMARK" and move it to the LEFT extreme. Trying to click on three dots to Book Mark an Invite is cumbersome and sometimes you get thrown out of the page or even the Smule App totally. How often do we JOIN immediately on seeing an INVITE ? I never do. There is a TIME for Singing on Smule when most have gone to bed and the ambient Noise levels are down Not every one has a Homen Studio. we all sing in our lounges and bedrooms. Create a new "DELETE" Button and locate it where the JOIN Button is now. Life would be so much better if we can just delete and purge songs we do not know or not interested in singing the minute we see it, as opposed to staring at them for SEVEN Long days until they EXPIRE This will mean that we do not have to Restrict the Number of Smule Singers we follow to minimise the number of Invites in a Daily Basis. HOPE SMULE DEVELOPERS ARE SEEING POSTS IN THIS FORUM PROVIDING AMAZING SUPPORT TO SMULE MEMBERS, SUPPORT THEY DO NIOT GET FROM SMULE CUSTOMER SUPPORT.I have sent several requests. I get reference numbers that I believe are auto generated but no one cares to read and respond. Ram
  25. PeacefulJoin

    How often does SMULE add songs to the official songbook?

    Good question! I don’t have the answer. Maybe a start would be if more users request more tracks, as you’re doing now. I have a couple of songs I would like to see added to the Smule songbook. I wish there was an acoustic guitar or piano version of the song “On My Way Back Home” by the Band of Horses. Another song I wish was in the songbook is “Alibis” by Sergio Mendes. Neither of the songs of any version exist on the app.
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