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Found 28 results

  1. priti09uk

    Hacked Smule account

    My account has been hacked by some one i knw, iv changed my password but it made no difference, he is still in my account invading my privacy.. reading all my private inbox msgs and unfollowing ppl iv been following.. Need a solution on wht to do asap!!! PLZ ADVISE plz can anyone advise nd help!! Thanks
  2. _SingSalon_

    Smule blog: Stay Safe on Smule

    Hello Smule Community, We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about a topic that is important to all of us: our safety. Our mission is to Connect the World through Music, and to do that, we all need to do our part to keep Smule safe for everyone. It’s important to remember safety and privacy are as important online as they are offline. We understand that feeling connected is more important than ever. Keeping your personal information to yourself and away from bad actors is very important. Whether with the people you think you know or anyone you have met, never share: Your location Your address Place of work School information Social Security number or other identification numbers Credit card, banking or other financial information Your password – keep in mind that Smule will never ask for your password Any other personal information These important reminders around privacy and safety are always true online and they are even more important in a live session. Our pre-pandemic plan was to turn LiveJam to audio only. Our community voiced a legitimate concern emphasizing the importance of live, video-enabled connections. We urge you to keep these live connections with people you know and trust. We ask you to be vigilant as there are bad actors looking to take advantage of these uncertain times and the empathy we all feel. While we collaborate with members of our community on an update to the LiveJam experience that better balances live connections with a positive user experience, we recommend always making your LiveJam’s private and only inviting your most trusted friends directly. Not every person that likes your performance or even gifts you a gift is your friend. Unfortunately, it is the reality that a few bad actors go out of their way to ruin the experience for the rest of us. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to launch LiveJam in private mode. HOW TO LAUNCH LIVEJAM IN PRIVATE MODE Launch LiveJam Toggle “Visible to Everyone” off to the left (it will go from pink to grey) Tap “Go Live” Tap the share arrow in the upper right corner Copy link and share with your friends Let’s keep ourselves and each other safe by reporting abusive behavior, blocking bad actors, and not sharing any revealing or personal information, like your location. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to ban someone from your LiveJam. HOW TO BAN FROM YOUR LIVEJAM Tap the face of the member you would like to ban Tap the “…” Tap “Ban from LiveJam” If you want a refresher on what you can do to help keep our Smule community awesome, please review the Smule Community Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions HERE! Thank you, Smule Community Team View the full article on the Smule blog
  3. Crazyjster

    Privacy concerns

    I specifically have a smule email and phone number not linked to anything personal including my name or personal social media accounts and was shocked to find suggested people to add as followers from my personal Facebook account, Howie this possible? I made sure not to affiliate with any personal account or phone number that would link the two? I made sure to block but will show up as suggested? How can this happen?
  4. Sid

    Privacy issue

    Hi I have logged in my smule acount in different devices since I started singing over smule ...but now the issue is I don’t know my songs list and followings are making changes frequently ...so please help me out to sign out from all those devices I have tried to change my email and password but isn’t make any effect
  5. inspired_Dev

    Elephant in the room: 99.5% of all tracks on Smule are illegal!

    @Kayjan The takeaway lesson for most users is: we have been given full permission to record on the licensed tracks that Smule has uploaded. In the app, see the categories From Smule, Free and Sing with the Artist. These will be the licensed songs. On their website, you can see the directory of licensed songs at smule.com/songs The rest of the songs uploaded by users are all copyright infringements (except when the user happens to be the original composer or owner of the song). What we can do as consumers is NOT upload or use more copyright infringing content, but rather DEMAND the company we are paying to add more LICENSED songs so that we can enjoy the music guilt-free - licensing means the authors/owners of the songs will get royalties (it is like a lifetime pension for the artists & owners for the continued use of their music - copyrights do expire 60 years or so after their death, and then the song becomes public domain typically). The problem is, for the sake of getting millions of songs for free from the enthusiastic users, Smule has completely ignored (to the point of effectively scraping) its "user-requested song licensing" workflow. This form from 2013 is an fossilized relic from that distant past when they wanted to ACTUALLY keep things legal and ethical: http://bit.ly/SuggestSongsForSmule I've written more about the innovative past here: Basically, if the consumers were more educated about copyrights and their own rights to get a safe and sound product, we would all be demanding a new, robust way of requesting licensed songs from Smule (right now, it is us users who are liable for any copyright infringement by the way of uploading or singing on unlicensed content). Also, there are several other things that we would demand, like better privacy and security features, that easily allow us to delete or make private past performances in bulk, or that reduce the chances of someone accidentally breaking into someone else's account: https://sing.salon/forums/topic/837-hacked-smule-account/?do=findComment&comment=3591). The problem is, most users don't care about copyright infringement, licenses and royalties; even if their old recordings get deleted due to copyright infringement, they wouldn't even notice it (we are busy singing, listening to and commenting on the latest collabs, isn't it?), and there is almost zero liability for most users (if anyone does legally target a user in the future for copyright infringement, it will likely be some high-profile user with lots of uploads and followers). That's why fewer users will even care about being aware of these things. But, this also means that the community remains unsafe (malicious entities can spam, stalk, hack; female users especially feel vulnerable to unwanted attention; there is too much ego and arrogance among users - for example, they wouldn't want to listen to any constructive criticism about their singing, only appreciation and flattery is welcome) cc: @opentype @scrapfree @Crazyjster also,cc to: @Chandaliapink @GJAM are you guys around? p.s. @The Minty Clinch I've now purchased a special cover license to evil laugh from Universal, with lifetime validity. Let me know if they transfer the royalties to you, or are just pocketing it all for themselves. Can't let them get away with royalty scams this time.
  6. inspired_Dev

    Elephant in the room: 99.5% of all tracks on Smule are illegal!

    @GJAM Hello GJam! I'd read your "Make Smule 1000% better" suggestions. I'm myself a power user of Smule, love using it creatively and in the past have sent many such suggestions to their support@smule.com email but to not much positive response. I think you're looking for something like BandLab or Songtree. Smule's core product ("the recording studio inside their flagship karaoke app") was built in its early days 2008-2013 along with many other creative and fun music apps. Nothing much has changed about it since then. They had a "submit a song request form", this is again from 2013. And did you know about the Songify and Ladida apps? I've put info about it in that link too. Most of the early innovators at the company left or were fired over time after that. If you read the previous posts on this topic, you'll see what I'm talking about (start with the post containing the 2 Glassdoor reviews of ex-employees, right above your reply - you can also read all 85 reviews - both good and bad - by logging into the Glassdoor site). Here's a quote from one of the reviews: There are also plenty of privacy and security issues that need to be solved, people have been complaining and discussing about these here but is anyone listening? : The only new features they've added recently are gifts. And that's just copying Starmaker, which actually is a copycat of Smule. So the culture of innovation at Smule (which would've listened to your "1000% better" ideas) has long been killed off by bad management and leadership. As for your ideas about how copyrights and reuse of original music works, you are wrong on multiple counts: You are simply basing your conclusions about copyrights on what you see happening in the world, NOT on what has really been defined in the law books. I have had an email exchange about this with Smule, and they had expressly stated there that any tracks which users haven't got copyrights to are prohibited by Smule (in their "terms" of course, not in reality - they actually want you to add any and all tracks you can because without user-uploaded backing tracks, there's not much to their product to keep the users aboard, is there? At least not for most of the millions of users.) You are free to add your own compositions, beats and original arrangements to Smule or anywhere else, and that would be perfectly legal, because you automatically have the copyrights for being the original creator of those compositions, beats and arrangements - you are automatically the owner of this content. For practical purposes, you'll have to register your original works with a royalty collection society - typically you'll separately register your performing rights (song licenses - pertaining to the melody and lyrics) and mechanical rights (master recording licenses - pertaining to the actual studio recording), so that you can protect them and make claims of copyrights over them (if say, someone later on was to plagiarize your song: say by copying your song's melody and trying to pass it off as their own without your permission). But if you did not compose a song, or own the original master recording of it, then you don't have the copyrights to use it any way you want and post it in public - you need to obtain appropriate licenses for this. For example, if you posted others' copyrighted content on Youtube, they automatically detect this using their ContentID system, and then they will either take a share of ads earnings you might make from those videos, or entirely demonetize that content (Zero ad revenue for you), or even ban your channel in some cases. You can do anything with the tracks you've purchased legally on your own computer and phone for learning and practice purposes of course, or use them in domestic settings with your family and friends or in private parties. But the moment you post it publicly, it becomes liable to be scanned for copyright infringement - no one might actually approach you or say anything for a long time (giving you and everyone else the impression that it is perfectly fine), but if and when they do, they can take it down or impose fines or take any other legal action, for whatever they own. And this has happened recently on Smule. Backing tracks uploaded by users - and the recordings made on them were deleted, because the record labels or the trade organizations representing them must've sent them takedown notices: https://www.smule.com/copyright. And I've already put an example of how instrumental backing tracks or karaokes can be used appropriately in a previous post on this topic: Again, what I've written is based on how it is supposed to be according to copyright laws. It may not be followed properly in many places, and that's the question of how well our policies, technology and people's wills and ethics work. But, it DOES NOT make such use LEGAL. A whopping majority of user uploads on Smule are not legal and you'll have to change the copyright laws to make it legal.
  7. inspired_Dev

    Elephant in the room: 99.5% of all tracks on Smule are illegal!

    It is a social platform. Heard of network effect? So, they would want you to use it more and bring more people along, just for their profits' sake. But, they do! They show ads to the free users (40-50 million monthly active users, right?). Look at all their "advertising/analytics/tracking" partners listed on their cookies page: https://www.smule.com/cookiepolicy Did Facebook require selling VIP accounts to earn money (revenue, market share, investors etc.)? You use it for free, they get paid through the ads shown to you. The more the user activity (and network effect due to this activity) on the platform, the better it is for the company. Your security, privacy, safety etc. are not their topmost priority. Forget about feature requests and complaining about recordings deleted due to copyrights (a big concern for users, given that most tracks are user-uploaded and not copyright-compliant -- something which everyone here has agreed on, whether they care about it or not -- and so liable to be purged in the future). Welcome to the attention economy, where your attention is the product being sold. cc: @Crazyjster, @The Minty Clinch, @MissMalice89
  8. inspired_Dev

    Hacked Smule account

    I could not find any option in the app to "log out" out of my account. So I had to uninstall the app. I logged into my account from a computer using the website, went to settings to set a new password. I had to enter my old password once, and then a new password twice. Password changed! Work done? When I reinstalled the app on my mobile, it said "checking..." and then they asked "Is this you?" [Profile Pic] @[my username] "Yes or No." I was me!, so I tapped on Yes. It said "logging in..." & was welcomed inside. They did not ask me for my new password. Inside the app, I could go to settings and directly set a new password. It did not require me to also enter the old password, like I'd done on computer. What if I had used my account on multiple other devices in the past and then uninstalled it and forgot about it? Then those devices were given to other people with my consent (just shared temporarily, lent or sold - so need not be a person I know). With this naive security process of "checking...", "is this you?", "welcome!" on each of those devices, even an innocent person not intending to "hack" my account, if they just installed the app and were naively asked "is this you?", could tap on 'yes' simply out of curiosity and be logged in without trouble. Security and privacy are much more fundamental features than effects, filters, gifts (dubbed "most expressive way to show your appreciation" - really, so you can't simply enter a heartfelt comment to express appreciation?) and "stickers for Snapchat sharing" (why Snapchat?). Shows their priorities.
  9. DISCLOSURE: Hey all! Soon after I posted the above comment, I found out that it could be improved further for clarity. So I went about editing it. But I could not save it, as the time limit to edit had passed. Hence, I'm posting the revised comment here. Kindly note that I'm NOT trying to spam. Thanks! "Private" actually means UNLISTED in Smule-land. ("unlisted" here meaning, it cannot be found by others by simply browsing around. It also doesn't turn up in the search results). However, anyone who has the link to it can still view it. And they can give that link to anyone else. So in Smule, after you set something to "private", you yourself can give someone the link if you want them to view it. But remember, they can give this link to anyone else and so on, and you can't control this. This can be problematic. Let's say there was a case where one's "private" recording on Smule was still getting lots of views and/or unnecessary/unsolicited comments - this would only mean that for some reason, the link was being shared among people that you didn't know or otherwise didn't wish to interact with for any reason. In this case, the only option one would have to control this would be to delete it. In principle, if something is to be really PRIVATE, then only you and anyone else that you have expressly allowed, should be able to view it. And, you should be able to disallow anyone anytime. Thus ideally, in case of Smule recordings, if it is a solo recording, only you should be able to view it after you've set it to PRIVATE. If it is a duet collab (or group collab), once it has been set to PRIVATE, only you and the co-singer(s) should be able to view it. The old links should not work anymore (though, optionally, you as the owner could still be able to generate new, one-time or limited-time links and thus share with people in a controlled manner). If the old links continued to work, it would imply that this was still just UNLISTED, not PRIVATE. For comparison, YouTube has 3 privacy options: Public, Unlisted and Private. And the Private option has further user access management, putting the control of whom to allow/disallow into the hands of the owner. Labeling "unlisted" as "private" is thus confusing and misleading!
  10. "Private" actually means UNLISTED in Smule-land. ("unlisted" meaning, cannot be browsed by others. It also doesn't turn up in the search results). However, anyone who has the link to it can still view it. And they can give that link to anyone else. So in Smule, after you set something to "private", you yourself can give someone the link if you want them to view it. But remember, they can give this link to anyone else and so on, and you can't control this. This can be problematic. Let's say there was a case where one's "private" recording on Smule was still getting lots of views and/or unnecessary/unsolicited comments - this would only mean that for some reason, the link was being shared. In this case, the only option one would have to control this would be to delete it. In principle, if something is to be really PRIVATE, then only you should be able to view it. In case it is a duet collab (or group collab), once it has been set to PRIVATE, only you and the co-singer(s) should be able to view it. The old links should not work anymore -- if they continued to work, it would imply that this was just UNLISTED, not PRIVATE. For comparison, YouTube has 3 privacy options: Public, Unlisted and Private. Labeling "unlisted" as "private" is thus confusing and misleading!
  11. PeacefulJoin

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    I don’t understand why the privacy feature doesn’t work for some of you. Set the Live Jams on private. I have never had a problem with trolls (or stalkers) when I am private, reason I use it. People can see through a browser but only if your Live Jams are public, and I am sure the Big Brothers of Smule can see everything. 😂 Seriously, use the privacy feature, unless it’s jacked up, and I am missing something. Before I would worry about it, I would put it on private or forget it. But that’s just me. Happy Singing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. As @opentype said , everything you upload as public is open to anonymous viewers. You can browse all the public OCs. I believe smule is getting behind in its privacy policy. I understand this is not priority for smule as a business: When you set up a service like this, it is obvious that one of your better chances of growing and getting more clients is via social connections, so their incentives to implement privacy policies are negative. But we subscribers, as paying users, should point smule that we request more privacy settings. It would be very easy to extend the privacy setting with two more options: let you share with either public, connected smulers, followed smulers, or private (link receivers). Also, ability to hide your email from being found on the add users from your contact list would be a nice privacy feature. I'm not asking for it as a default setting, but it really would be very easy to implement. Maybe if they get several of this kind of requests, they consider implementing them.
  13. Smulifying2017

    Smule/Sing app privacy

    How can I make smule private
  14. Crazyjster, I think the majority of users are on the app to sing ... and have fun doing so. I get what you’re saying, but as I have repeatedly stated, the privacy feature would solve the problem. Open your Jam, put it on private, invite who you want, and problem solved! Safe from trolls, spam, freaks, or whatever. If you don’t want it public, as you stated in the last sentence of your comment, then use the privacy feature. It works! Trust me. Over and out! Peace! 😊✌🏼
  15. Oh my! I am not familiar with the Facebook watch party feature, and I am glad. What a racket! You’re far more popular than I am on the app. I’ve been trolled in Jams, but not to the extent I have to set up a security team. 😂 Just wow! I am not making fun. It is sad, but it’s also almost comical people are so immature and so silly, especially if they’re adults. The privacy feature works for me, at least I hope. But I don’t do anything I care for the whole world to see. I’m sure you are the same, but it’s the invasion of privacy that would bother me. Best of luck!
  16. PeacefulJoin

    Smule launches Gift feature

    I think it’s a free one, so maybe ask someone who doesn’t pay for gifts to send you one. I am sure they won’t mind. No one is going to like my opinion about the gift feature. Truth is not always popular or accepted, but if you spend money for gifts, I have noticed you don’t have access to the pretty freebies; therefore, you have to purchase the nicer ones. And Smule is not the only app that does it. The apps are formulated to know who spends! Actually once you download an app, they pretty much own you on the app! No privacy! A little off topic but needs to be addressed. I am not spending anymore on gifts after I use the rest of this last bundle. Everyone will get the freebies offered from me!
  17. Crazyjster, I see now. I hate you’re experiencing so many problems with the jams, but I’m not going through that much trouble to verify everyone. I’ll use the privacy feature if it gets that bad. Hope it gets better.
  18. _RamKrish1012

    What exactly is the "All Access Pass"

    I don't think so as I have been a Smule VIP Member from Day one and I keep getting this Pop up message suggesting I get an All Access Pass which would allow me to listen to other members private recordings etc. My first reaction was "Listening to some one else's Private Recordings would be a breach of Privacy, would it not ?" I wouldn't want any one else to listen to my Private Recordings, which more than often are practice sessions Ram
  19. DuetWithAlli

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    Due to concerns about stalking, I wanted to make you all aware of a change I just noticed. If you go into the settings in the Smule app, and scroll down to Privacy ... there is an option that says “Use my online status is lists”. If you hit the i beside it, it says “You can be shown as recently active to people you follow. For example, if “On” is selected, other users you follow are more likely to see your profile in a list of recommended invites to a Live Jam”. Those who are following this thread might want to know this as it caught me by surprise when I went in to clear my cache. Of course it is automatically turned on so I toggled it to “Off”.
  20. Sam_maile

    Privacy issue

    That’s still a major problem for anyone wondering and simply removing app won’t prevent logging back into account w/o first clearing data on device ─something I didn’t know when i gave my boyfriend my old android...my account has been sabotaged by him several times now when we’ve been fighting including blocking of friends, deleted joins or OCs, removing me from all my groups, he canceled my subscription, sending messages to people thru smule (which FYI if two devices are logged into same account only if the device that opens message will see it in their inbox or at least the newly sent messages from a previous correspondence) I’ve reported it multiple times only got a bot response back (I think when I was complaining about my subscription being terminated without seeking approval or at least sending me an email...) yah smules not the most keen on privacy or account security...>_<

    TSMA 6th Year Anniversary Special

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As a condition of participating in this Sweepstakes, participant agrees that any and all disputes which cannot be resolved between the parties, and causes of action arising out of or connected with this TSMA Sweepstakes, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively before a court located in Alaska having jurisdiction. Further, in any such dispute, under no circumstances will participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and hereby waives all rights to claim punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, other than participant’s actual out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. costs associated with entering this Sweepstakes), and participant further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased. 12 Privacy Policy: Information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy stated on the TSMA CONTRACTs. 13 Winners List: To obtain a copy of the winner’s name or a copy of these Official Rules, Download Line app and message Tsmaowner your requests and must be received no later than OCTOBER 1st, 2018. 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  22. RamKrish1012

    Can you download a song marked private by recorder?

    A song that is marked "Private" to me is "Private" and peoples Privacy is to be respected. Often I come across songs that I wish to sing but don't have the time. So I sing a few lines and save it as Private to be there as a reminder that I should sing this song when Time Permits. Why should others have the right to open my private half baked recordings, is the question. This leads to another question, I have seen prompts on Smule saying you can now open all Private savings blah blah blah , but never followed it up to see where it goes. Ram
  23. opentype

    How does Sing Insights work?

    Where does Sing Insights get the data? Our statistics tool uses public data provided by Smule through their website in a machine-readable way. It’s the same kind of data anyone can see while browsing your public profile on the app or the Smule website. We just analize and reformat the data to turn it into useful statistics. What are the statistics based on? Currently, our tool only reads the favorites of a Smule user – up to 250 entries by default or up to 500 if you choose the “complete mode”, which takes longer to generate. Loading the data for potentially tens of thousands of collabs per user would take to long, so only favorites are used. But a user’s favorites are the collabs a user cares about the most, so it is a useful foundation for generating statistics. Of course our tool can only work if the user has fav’ed enough of his or her own collabs. What about privacy? The account data is loaded on the fly from the Smule website when you use our tool to generate the statistic. If you close our website, the data is removed again. We do not store the account statistics in any way and apart from the regular server logs also do not monitor which user checks which user names with the Sing Insights tool.
  24. A full list of what they are doing with the personal data can be found here: https://www.smule.com/privacy If you worried about being found, I would suggest to create an email address just for Smule and not link your Smule account to Facebook for example.
  25. Alienlifer

    Harassment/ Bullying in Smule Sing!

    Hi. I have faced something similar. Changed my account multiple times to get away. But the people somehow found me out even when I didnt sing with the same set of people. I'm more concerned with privacy at this point. Had complained to Smule many times but nothing was done.
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