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Found 10 results

  1. Recently, one of my Smule friends has been harassed so bad she quit Smule. The harraser PMed all of her followers and told them demeaning things about her personal life. Apparently she reported this matter to Smule so many times but no actions were taken. Has anyone here experienced this kind of thing before? If so, did Smule take any actions regarding this matter?
  2. Hi, I'm new to this site but have been using Smule for years and I have a nicely established account. However, I have gained terrible attention from a guy on there who keeps harassing me, badly, so I block him and he just creates a new account then sings with me to be able to leave insane comments. The guy has at least 5 accounts that I've blocked. He uses a bot to gain followers also and I'm worried about what else he can pay for to have done on smule (I don't know- find my email address, password, info, etc). I've reported him to smule support but was told to just block him. But what about when he just keeps creating new accounts?! This is out of control. I'm going to have to get the authorities involved due to the nature of the messages he sends me, they're really, very disturbing. I fear I'm going to have to quit smule and or start over without anyone knowing who I am which is totally unfair to me and anyone else who goes through something like this. There has to be a way to block all accounts linked to the email the user has associated with smule. Anyone have any advice?? I'm petrified at this point!
  3. I have been a VIP member for 18 months. I have seen many talented singers Quit Smule for Ever in the last 18 months. Mostly women who are unable to cope with their popularity and new found stardom and the inability to post comments to 100 or 200 singers per invite. Something needs to be done to protect members who are talented singers from Bullying and harassment for other members. Sending one message to thank all the Joiners is not the answer either Joiners still expect the sender of Invites to respond with comments. Here are two examples as of Today the 21st May 2019 for example JAYACHITRA29 . Very very Talented & Professional Individual. Has 10,740 FOLLOWERS, FOLLOWS 198 AND HAS RECORDED 141K SONGS, but has not recorded one song for the last 8 months. About 6 months ago she sent an Open Mic Message asking people not to harass her as she was unable to cope. I did tell her not to bother and to report harassers to Smule Authorities.. falsetto_v has 3667 followers, she follows 120 members and has recorded 13.5K songs. Read the message on her profile page where she says she cannot sing on Smule any more. Her last song was 1 day ago. Feel extremely sorry for these ladies who just want some clean fun singing. They need HELP from SMULE Biggest help will be some clever change in FORMATS of joining invites or ability to get rid of Followers who get on their nerves If any of my Followers give me a head ache I should be able to do more than Block them. Id like to purge them completely so they cannot access my profile and recordings. I have not BLOCKED anyone ever, so Forgive me I am not sure what happens when you Block someone.
  4. PeacefulJoin

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    I can certainly relate - been there - but if the harassment is bad enough and I don’t doubt you, seek help outside the app. Also read Smule’s guidelines. I think the company now advises the same. Contact law enforcement and be persistent!
  5. _RamKrish1012

    Suggestions for Smule Developers to Consider.

    SUGGESTION NO.7 FOR SMULE DEVELOPERS TO CONSIDER At this point of time after recording the first part of a duet there is a provision to invite all our followers or none at all. a Smule member may have a few thousand followers and seldom know who these people are and why they are following the singer. In many cases some followers can also be a nuisance making useless noises as they cannot sing for nuts. This can be extremely annoying and distressing. There needs to be another option. Lets for example say 200 members follow me and of these 200, I personally follow say 50 members. I'd like an option to send invites only to "followers whom I follow". All other followers can find my invites on my profile page. This process can help minimise nuisance followers. What I am requesting is another option of inviting only followers I personally like to sing with and follow. This will allow many ladies a bit more freedom and lesser harassment. Ram Sydney Australia
  6. lenythesharktale

    Harassment and bullying

    Hi so I've recently decided to create some duets for others to join (public) as I'm usually a join others singing kind of girl. And there's these two users (won't mention their names) who would insult me in their recordings with me right after the song ends, about how bad I sing and would continue to harass me in my other recordings in the comments. I've since blocked them and reported them. I'm not a great singer, but I do try be in tune most of the times. The irony of the situation is those two users weren't even in sync with the music, let alone in tune. My question is, for any of you guys who often do duets, do you experience such behavior often? I've always had the impression that the sing! community is pretty civil but I do know that trolls out there ruin the fun.
  7. _RamKrish1012

    Many Singers are Abandoning Smule. They need HELP

    Shocked to read these responses. I was concerned about harassment and bullying of women and am disturbed to read that Smule members even receive death threats. Thats Scary. Afterall it is just a Kareoke App. Subscribing members need to be Protected by Smule. Period.
  8. xxx_imSEXYbella

    Harassment/ Bullying in Smule Sing!

    I did and i shared my story here too, and believe me there are more victims out there who experienced similar situations. What's sad is that Smule didn't do much for us. No actions were taken on them crazy harassers and the block button is TOTALLY useless. Submitting reports to Smule doesn't help as well. I did stated my opinions on how haters/bullies/harasser issues can be avoided easier if Smule had done something with the block functions. Better if Smule immediately block a user FOR GOOD from logging into the app again after few harassment reports submitted against the user. It's such a disappointment that Smule never take this matter seriously, i don't see any efforts on trying to solve it too.
  9. _bethanne_

    Harassment/ Bullying in Smule Sing!

    I am just now seeing this post. I hope everything was corrected for you. There are are a group of us women that are in the same position you were in. The guy is a complete fraud and has scammed over 10-15k from over 10 women. He lied about his family and being a marine. He has never been in the army. Not even close. He uses his kids saying they have cancer. It also is a complete lie given that he hasn’t seen or talked to his daughters in years. We sent Smule evidence of harassment and a link to him being arrested and screenshots where he threatened more than 1 of us saying he was coming after us and our families. His account was frozen on Smule. Then my account was frozen. I have never done anything to have my account frozen. He made up things just to get revenge on me. As we stand right now , his account has been reinstated. He has already targeted another woman and she is helping in the lies and scams with him. We have a blocked him. But it doesn’t stop either one of them coming in our live jams. They can see still our page and he’s using about 5 accounts that we have witnessed to continue harassing us. Smule replied and was very rude and mean. Basically telling us to shut up. And that all users named would be banned if we didn’t stop. They have only made the situation worse and no longer feel safe using the app. I would think getting complaints over email is one thing. But when it Gets to this point, I would hope Smule would want to talk to someone not over email to fix the problem. The emails we received were not business like. The use of all upper case letters felt like they were yelling at us for trying to make this app safe and fun for everyone. Instead the man is out harassing and popping in live jams harassing us and leaving. Its utter ridiculous that he is allowed to still be on this app. I am currently in renal failure and have lupus. Music is my way of escaping. I can no longer do this because of one guy and a company who is supporting his decisions and ignoring the people who want nothing but to make this app safe and fun for everyone.
  10. CoNycLa

    How to stop harassment from a stalker?

    I'm so sorry you're going through this and I'm no expert, but I'd talk to your local police. They can help direct you to resources to deal with online stalking/harassment. If the messages are disturbing enough (give them copies) they may be able to do something directly, like find this guy's IP address (which would be common to ALL of his fake email accounts) and eventually find him. You could also try calling your state's Attorney General's office, or your city's Dept. of Consumer Affairs. Also look online for resources to report cybercrime (which is essentially what this is). I was getting disturbing emails of a pornographic nature a few years back and I looked online and called a # to report it directly to the FBI! The emails stopped... I must say, I'm a bit disappointed in Smule's limited response here. Ultimately they are responsible for everyone's safety on the app. I wouldn't worry too much though (but this might be hard) about this jerk getting your personal data (email add, physical address, etc.) from Smule. Smule would be in legal hot water if they allowed this highly unlikely breach of your personal data. (Just for your peace of mind, though, why not contact them and find out what safeguards they have in place to keep your personal contact info private?) Lastly, try to "kick it up the food chain" @ Smule. DEMAND to speak to a manager or a higher-up. This is NOT okay that you're being bullied and frightened on the app. I hope this helps! Best wishes.
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