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  1. ProducahMan

    Don't Know Why

    Ruth Perry (voice) & Dave Olsen (piano) from Jazzology performing Norah Jone's Don't Know Why (written by Jessie Harris)
  2. ProducahMan

    Stand By Me - Jazzology

    Our tribute to First Responders everywhere. Featuring Colin B. Curry, Sarah Cleary, Mandy Hall Heaston, Mae Sings, Jessica Bah Rösman, Cassandra Pridemore-Gaydosz, Mary Gimness, Bitten Elisabeth Pigato, Erik Herje, Cathrine Bengtson, Cassie Erickson Blakeburn on vocals, Yvonne Sheashay violin, Stephen Elliott trombone, Lonnie Waggoner trumpet, Daniel Hutchins sax & myself piano. #SmulePickHeroes
  3. ProducahMan

    This Is What It Feels Like

    Sarah Cleary & Connor Cheek: vocals, Daniel Hutchins: sax, Dave Olsen: piano & synth, Attila Baraczka: bass, Mike Conto: guitar, Adam Warner: drums
  4. ProducahMan

    I Ain't No Superhero

    I was starting to get tired of all the superheroes in film and TV. I was inspired by that to write this song. Featuring Adam Warner: drums, Attila Baraczka: bass, Mike Conto: guitar, Dave Olsen (ProducahMan) keys & vocals
  5. ProducahMan

    Let's Stay Together

    Featuring vocalists Terry Levy, Valli Kugler Kelly, Marc-Anthony Lewis, Mandy Hall Heaston, Melissa 'Melly Rose' Adams, Mary Gimness with Daniel Hutchins sax, Stephen Elliot trombone, Jeremy Chan guitar, Drew Atkins bass, David Veldhuizen drums, Dave Olsen organ.
  6. ProducahMan

    Georgia On My Mind

    Valli Kelly: vocals, Daniel Hutchins: sax, Dave Olsen: piano/drums, Clark Johnson: bass
  7. ProducahMan


    Jazzology is a group of 50 talented people from all over the globe that was started just over 3 months ago. It was founded by Daniel Hutchins (@PapaHutchins), Lonnie Wagonner (@Lonnie_ii_V_i) and myself (Dave Olsen @ProducahMan). We all met on Smule, singing and playing instruments on each others OCs. I was so excited to discover other jazz musicians here. Each of us had been experimenting with doing freestyle collabs playing instruments with some very talented singers and instrumentalists. When we started talking possibility of recording a full band with a horn section, we knew we had to do it! We have been blessed to have so many talented singers and musicians join us. We think there’s so much more that we can do musically with this idea and we’re excited to see where it goes.
  8. ProducahMan

    Jazzology: How High The Moon

  9. ProducahMan

    Musical Souls

    Musical Souls is group of super talented singers from around the globe. It was founded by Dave Olsen (@producahman), Cindy Plomp (@FUN_Cindy_RVE), Liz Buckley (@LizzyOnStage) & Hilona Wierenga (@Hilona1) in Feb 2016. The Souls enjoy singing group songs together and we don't take ourselves too seriously. The group is about supporting each other, sharing music and just having fun.

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