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Terms of Use & Imprint

A) Account & Privacy

We require only very little information about you: just an email address and a username. All other information are optional. However, there are some important rules …

  1. Email: Your email address needs to be a real email address you check regularly. Disposable addresses or other accounts just set up for registration purposes are strictly prohibited. We will delete such accounts without any warning. 
    Don’t worry: You have full control over how your address is used. You can unsubscribe from all notifications or newsletters you might receive by default or which you choose to receive. We will not send you messages against your will and of course we will not give your email address to third parties. 
  2. Usernames and avatar images: It is suggested to use your Smule username also as Sing.Salon username. That way people can easily identify you and find you on the app. But you can also pick another name if you want. Note: Our site is completely independent from Smule. No information is exchanged and your Smule login data won’t work here.  
    The preferred avatar image is a profile picture of yourself. But just as with the username, you are also free to pick other types of images, which might represent you in some way. But don’t get too crazy (animations, extreme colors) and don’t try to cheat the system, e.g. by uploading a blank image. 
  3. Account, Privacy and Content: Sing.Salon is run from Europe and we follow Europe’s strict privacy regulations. You can request information about the data stored about you and we will delete your account and all your personal data (like email address, stored IP address, optional personal data on your profile page) on request. Note: this does not include the content you have published on Sing.Salon. We might occasionally agree to delete individual posts, but there is no right to request a deletion of all your posts from this site. 

B) Postings & Legibility

  1. Choose the right section or forum for your posts. Cross posts are not permitted. 
  2. Pick useful post titles, which let the users know what the post is about and which make the post easy to find later. Something like “Need help” is not a useful title. 
  3. Avoid personal information about yourself or others in your postings. 
    This includes the way you address other users in discussions. Use the quote and mention function so usernames are displayed dynamically. This allows users to change their names later and any mentions will change automatically. 
  4. When quoting others, please only quote the part which you reply to. Don’t repeat full posts. If you make the first reply to another post, you usually don’t need to use the quote function at all. 
  5. Self-advertising: You are free to post your Smule songs in the appropriate sections of the site and where the context calls for such posts. That’s part of what this site is all about. But of course don’t do it to an extent where you might annoy other members. Do not flood our page with your own content and do not post self-advertising in areas, where the context doesn’t call for it. We will not publish this kind of content and will have to ban you. 
  6. Commercial advertising: You might occasionally post links to your own websites, products and services, as long as they fit the section or discussed topic and one can assume that these links are in the interest of the people reading these posts. If you post links as pure advertising or for SEO purposes (we have outgoing links set to no-follow anyway), we might ban your account. It is also strictly prohibited that you register under a fake account just to praise yourself, your products or your services. 
  7. Please avoid posting affiliate links. Sing.Salon on the other hand relies on affiliate links to finance this site. So any outgoing link might be connected to an affiliate partner. We also reserve the right to automatically add affiliate IDs to content which users have posted.     

C) Browser plugins and settings

Users agree to use our site “as is”. We do not allow browser plugins (like ad blockers or JavaScript blockers) which alter the code which is generated on our servers. We reserve the right to detect such plugins and refuse to deliver pages to such users or deactivate their accounts. 

D) Legal issues

  1. Requests for any illegal activities are strictly prohibited. Such requests might be instantly altered or deleted. 
  2. We might also delete links to suspicious websites or links which can be considered spam. 
  3. Before uploading content to Sing.Salon make sure you have the right to publish this content. Otherwise we might hide or delete your content in order to avoid legal issues. 

E) Trolls / Provoking posts / off-topic discussions / Administrator actions

  1. Don’t insult others just because you don’t like them or don’t agree with them.  
  2. You can report posts which you think have insulted or discriminated you in any way. This is usually the better solution than to engage in any public “battles”. 
  3. When certain users continue to provoke others, an administrator will first warn the user. When the user ignores this warning, administrators can and will act on any future violations of our community guidelines without any further warnings. Actions can include editing posts, deleting posts, closings topics, blocking users for a “cool-down period” or even banning them from the community altogether. 
  4. Freedom of Speech: Sing.Salon is run as open an fair as possible. If your posts don’t violate any rules of these guidelines, and if they are factual and fit the topic of this community, you are free to express them here. We do not censor out certain opinions – not even if they are in opposition with the opinion of the site’s owner. 
    But keep in mind: Sing.Salon is still a privately run web service. Like any other private social media site: we cannot guarantee any services and you cannot force us to publish your content or keep your published content online when you use our site as non-paying member. We need to reserve the right to revoke your ability to post content on this site at any time. And we might also delete posts or close sections of our sites down, making content you have posted inaccessible. 
  5. Administrator actions are final and not open for debate. So for example: when a forum topic is closed, it is not allowed to start a new topic discussing why the original topic was closed. 
  6. Avoid off-topic discussions when the original questions of the topic has not yet been fully answered. Instead, start a new topic yourself and quote from the original topic.
  7. The “Esotericism clause”: This community is specifically about Smule, singing and related fields. Ideological debates about topics such as politics, religion, esotericism or conspiracy theories are prohibited. Topics which violate the Esotericism clause will be closed or deleted without prior warning. 


This site is run by:
Schriftkontor Ralf Herrmann
Paul-Schneider-Str. 47
99425 Weimar

Phone: +49 3643 77 77 66
Email: mail @ sing.salon