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  • How to add your Smule group to our Directory

    Feel free to add your own Smule group to our group directory. You just nee to be registered on Sing.Salon to see the button to add a new entry. Also, please read these rules and tips before adding an entry. 


    • Your entry must be complete! You need to have a sufficient description text and a (square) group image for example. We might not publish incomplete entries since they wouldn’t be helpful to our members. 
    • For the same reason, your group should exist for a while! Please don’t add your group here while you just starting it. People should be able to check your group tag and find some songs, so they can judge whether the group is right for them. 
    • Your descriptions must be in English, even if your group is language-specific. 


    • Feel free to add a sample song from your group to your description text. Just paste the Smule song URL and it will be embedded. 
    • Once you submit your group entry, a moderator will check it out and publish it. After it got published, you can add further information to your entry. Look for the “Edit” button below the entry. 
    • If you see outdated information about your group, but you cannot edit it, please contact an adminstrator of Sing.Salon. 

    Some tips about the individual group fields of our directory:

    • Tags: add you group tag and other words that describe your group, e.g. your musical genres. Add a comma after each entry. For example: “GroupName, musicals, cosplay”
    • Your Smule group tag: This is the tag which identifies your group on Smule. You can only enter ONE tag here. Do not add the hashtag symbol “#” in front of the tag. 
    • Group members on Sing.Salon:  This is optional. You can add members of your group here, which also have a Sing.Salon account. Start typing their Sing.Salon username and the system will suggest the names it found. 



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