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    Vocal Resonance (VR)


    Vocal Resonance aka VR was created to showcase an intimate group of vocalists from all over the world who love to create great music.  VR's members are hand picked and by invitation only. Our main focus is on group songs and projects. Auditions are not held but if you would like to join a fun group of talented vocalists and musicians please feel free to reach either myself in Smule @NYCJ or my leader, Rosi @mysteriouzly and submit to us one of your favorite performances that you are proud of.  You can also email us at vocalresonancesings AT gmail.com.


    Group tag: #vocalresonance
    This groups accepts new members.
    Application Information: Members are selected by invitation only. Potential members can email either @NYCJ or @mysteriouzly with a performance they are proud of and we will review it . Members must participate in group songs and projects. Participation is mandatory.
    Contact: @NYCJ
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    Would you like to be featured as a group on the LVOS Smule Podcast?

    Come and join the Radio room on Line: http://line.me/ti/g/OWjcWu1aQF

    you may submit 1 song daily to the room for the possibility of it being played on the podcast which is weekly.

    Podcast is broadcasted on SMULE, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LINE and SoundCloud.

    Don’t forget to leave a description of your group and tag @LVOS_PODCAST so we can read it out on the podcast.

    Check us out on our Website: lvosofficial.moonfruit.com

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