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    Multi Talented Group was organized by Moneth Jansson and Des Llave sometime January 19, 2016. This started like a joke without realizing that they were serious of putting it up. They hailed from Sweden and Manila.  A combination of homegrown talents. Moneth, a diva and a former hotel/lounge singer and Des  the sizzling actress and soprano. thus they have come up with the name Multi Talented, because their talents are LIMITLESS

    The group started to embrace a number of  followers from all around the globe who could not only  share their passion to sing but to meet and make new friends with the same values and principles.

    The MTG members are a mixture of professionals and non-professionals in order to instill the value of helping each other, through teaching, training and coaching but not ignoring FUN as part of relieving their stresses and anxieties .

    This wasn't put up for the members,  just to compete but in order to strengthen their leadership and self esteem which is valuable in nourishing their everyday lives.

    At present, the members rose up to more than a 160 plus

    We are not just focusing in singing but hopefully to extend our talents in the areas of acting, theatre and even dancing. This group couldnt be stopped from producing talents. And we are very proud of that.

    At present.

    The Founders and Co Founder are as follows:


    Des Llave -     @MTG_Des 

    Terry Padilla


    Co Founder   @MTG_lhanz_israel

    Come and join us. and feel for yourself. Rest assured you will feel more like a family than no other group does.


    In singing, we find PEACE and FRIENDSHIP. We observe HARMONY and CIVILITY as our INTEGRITY restores LIFE'S NORMALCY.

    Welcome To MTG.


    Group tag: ##MTG
    This groups accepts new members.
    Application Information: Just PM the founders @MTG_Des @MTG_TerryPad
    Contact: @MTG_Des, @MTG_TerryPad and @MTG_lhanz_israel
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