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Smule blog: Smule 1:1 Presents – Smule N’ Treat

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Hey Smuliverse it’s Malatte and Meliatto AKA Manny and Meli! Welcome to our first episode of Smule N’ Treat! This is the start of a very Bootiful month! Full of awesome prizes, special guests and best of all …Spooktastic collabs! Are you excited? We are too!

@sShiamond – Sexy Back:

@pammy_bc – Bring Me To Life:

@drdg75 + @ElizabethScott47 – Friendship:

Congratulations to all of our first Smule N’ Treat winners! Want a chance to win? Continue to use #SmuleNTreat on your collabs!

Rate That Song

Here are this week’s winners:

@__PEACEFUL_JOIN : 1000 Coins

@MRWHISKERS9 : 500 Coins

@CRAZYJSTER : 250 Coins

For a chance to win some awesome coins, Rate a ton of songs via the link below:


Smule 1:1’s Champions

Link to Line Account/ http://nav.cx/a0ZEH6d

As always to get featured on any Smule 1:1 segments, don’t forget to #Smule11 on all of your amazing creations! Catch you all next week!

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