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Uploading Videos to Smule ?


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is there any possibility maybe with a trick or with an Android Emulator or something like this to
UPLOAD an MP4 video to SMULE and have this as the background or just play as my recording ?
I know, that there is this Music Video function where you can record  the video after just singing your song...
But I really would like to have it this way, that I can already upload a prerecorded video and sing to it or have this only playing as my part...
With the current music video function I can only use the internal Mobile phone videocamera, but I really wanted to have
an already edited 360x360 pixel size MP4 file....
Or is the only solution to play my movie on a PC or TV screen and then record with my mobile phone the video from the screen ? Well this gives not a good quality, so I would like to have a possibilty to add my MP4 video directly to my recording track or at least use a virtual webcam driver, where I can play MP4 files on my phones like with Streaming with Streamlabs OBS instead of using the camera output.... Is this possible somehow ? So if I would start the Streamlabs OBS in the background of my phone and then use its output from the MP4 File playback to "pipe" into the SMULE app as the video recording ? Is this somehow possible ?

If it is possible somehow, please let me know.
Many thanks in advance.

P.S. will there soon be any bigger sized resolutions than just 360x360 pixels ?

Regards, Stefan.

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Great idea! Maybe contact the developers but good luck trying. Normally apps have a direct contact for developers in the App Store, but I haven’t found one listed for Smule. 

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1 minute ago, hartiberlin said:


Are here also the devs from Smule ??

I don’t know, but I feel Smule representatives may read the feedback here... or should, so hopefully they’ll pass the information/feedback to the developers. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼

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51 minutes ago, Chrizzle said:

I’ve never understood the upload video AFTER you sing feature. Is that for people who want to make a music video without the headphones on?  

Yep. Here is an example: https://sing.salon/stage/technicolor-beat-r1532/
One could also get creative with cutting scenes, recording on multiple locations and so on. 


Follow me on Smule: https://smule.com/opentype 

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Well I tried it myself in this song here...
I just sang the 2nd part of Johnny be Goode WITHOUT video

and then afterwards switched to video and could then record this funny part...

Too bad I had not my Guitar with me there in the garden... better have used the Rake then

instead of the guitar... lol...(don´t take it too seriously I was just in for the nonsense...lol)


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Ah, I've been wondering if other people knew how, because I'm very sure I joined someone who uploaded their MV once, and I haven't seen anyone else do it.

Ah, here's a pretty recent thing they did

(It looks pretty decent, so I'm not sure if they just filmed it with the right lighting/angle etc. - I should probably ask directly but....me: too shy..)

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