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Saved my life (literally)


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I just wanted to take a minute to tell the people at Smule how grateful I am. After trying for a year to deal with my mother and my girlfriend passing away I was pretty much ready to throw in tne towel. I simply didn't care about anything. I started being very care free with my words and actions.   I made my boss fire me from my job i had for years. I was basically beggeng for life to put my flame out. had zero ambition to do anything more. I simply existed. 

Then one day i randomly stumbled upon the Smule app. Always a fan of Elvis. I figured why not belt out a few tunes to at least have something that says I was once here in the world. I was very impressed with the entire platform .Sure enough after a couple days everything started coming back to me. I remembered how passionate i used to be about music. I remembered how good i felt being on stage performing. I remembered how good i felt about myself when i was doing anything with music. Things started clicking. My mood was getting better. I started to reinvent myself completely. The way i dressed and carried myself all changed. I threw my clock out the window and all tbe negativity that came with it.i put 100% of my focus on being positive. Not only that, but spreading that positivity and beimg kind and helping everyone i ran into. Most people check their fb 1000 times a day but not me. I gotta check my Smule. If im mad, go Smule it out! Its New Smulieniem! Ive been reborn. I decided life is too short to not chase my dream. A year later and here I am. Atill rocking my positive lifestyle. I tell everyone i know that i probably wouldnt be here if it wasnt for Smule. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ive met so many wonderful people on here. You gave me a reason to live again. I will never forhet that



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Thank you for sharing your story. I feel the same day and I love knowing I’m not the only one.  

My stepfather got lung cancer and died 2 months later... while my mom was in remission from ovarian cancer. My grandma(moms mom) died one month to the day of my stepfather after an ugly “custody” battle. My moms sister thought there was money and she was a paralegal and knew what to files.  Even though my sister had power of attorney and was executive of her estate... she was not a direct daughter so the judge ruled in her favor. She moved my grandma from ND, where my grandparents had been since then 1950’s. And moved her to Texas.


My moms cancer came back after 5 years of remission due to the losing her husband of 17 years and mother. She moved from ND to MN, in with me to go thru 22 months of chemo. I lost my mom at age 62 after and 8 year ovarian cancer battle, my pitbull of 10 years 10 weeks after my mom died. The next year 2000 employees were let go and I was one. I had been there for 18 years. I’ve been working freelance and haven’t found another full time job that pays well. I am about to lose my house of 15 years and although it’s going to kill me when it happens, I’ve found such comfort in singing and music. I didn’t sing until my mom died and I’ve always been singing. She became the confidence inside me that I didn’t have to sing in public before. Now when I sing she is with me and my soul is soothed. 

Keep on singing.  I wish you only the best. 



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