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Joining in middle of song

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I noticed in group songs that apple users an skip ahead to their part and start recording there. Any chance Smule will let Android users do the same?  

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Yes, I have the same question.
I heard that Apple users can also edit their sung version and use something like Punch In and Punch out to replace parts of their singing ?
Is that true ?
I also would like to have this feature on my Android 9 Xaomi phone...
Alone for this I would probably buy an IPhone, if this is not coming to Android...
I hate to re-sing the whole song always, if I made a small error and can not correct it afterwards,
but have to sing the whole song again..lol..

Also is there any Android driver or App like the Asio driver on PCs which reduces delays between  singing and the monitoring on the headphones ? That would really help to fiddle around with the delay settings after singing to get a song in sync with the partner...
Please let me know.
Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

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