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iOS and Android phone compatibility issues during Smule live jam


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I am facing a problem of my Android mobile partner unable to join a collab by "picking the Mic" during a Smule jam with me hosting with an iOS IPhone device. Though my partner is able to join the live jam for viewing n chatting, not be to join for singing. 

The partner screen blanks out some times and / or host iPhone screen freezes with "partner confirming availability messagr" or iPhone shows a strange error message.

Primarily I wanted to use iOS device so that the jam / collabs could be saved.

Anyone faced such problem and have a workaround please let know.


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I second you ....I am frustrated as well..I have an android phone and thr latest Smule version 6.8.7 for Android... and my screen freezes when somebody picks me to sing a duet in a live Jam....I have posted a ticket but there is no response from Smule ..I have updated my Smule app as well as my phone to the latest but still the issue continues.... please can anybody suggest a solution ...Thanks in advance 

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It's so frustrating. I am an Android user and as soon as my partner picks me up to sing in live jam my partner drops. It's been going on since few days, my app is completely updated as is my phone. Smule please fix this.

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