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Request the songbook backing track replacement feature back!


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I have uploaded over 200 tracks on my songbook and its pleasures to contribute a little too much for the community.

however i found out that a feature of songbook has been removed lately which is the option to change the backing track of uploaded song. It was very convenient and compact when we was able to edit for the backing track of a specific songs in our songbook. We may have to upload non-karaoke version or low quality tracks in order to get satisfaction of our wants to sing as quick as possible but when the song released a karaoke version or higher quality track, we should have an easy way to go replace the original uploaded track as we could do it in past old days.

That could help us to be convenient for searching, choosing, and organizing our songbook and all other users using the songs.

Please reconsider and hope that we can get it back.

Best regards,


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I don’t know. If it’s a new track, it’s a new track. As a user of those songs, I would expect consistency and not changing background tracks. I also want ratings to be representative, which can’t be the case when an upload was (for example) downvoted for poor quality and then replaced with a better track. 

And by the way: I would never ever want a non-karaoke song uploaded for any of my search queries. 

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I got your point and partially agree that  however there are some situations where you are from a minority language group in the community and there has very limited number of songs that are released for karaoke version (since the artists from my country mostly never released any instrumental version of their albums).

So, most of us are going to remove vocal from the track as best as possible and that however we have to settle for the quality of song most.

At that kind of situation where we have to test out the post recording condition of the backing track which could have a lot of guitar riffs or reverb or any of overwhelming instrument sound like you will never be able to get balance with your vocal no matter how much you increase vocal volume or how loud you trying to sing since the backing track has not enough space for your vocal to mixed up.

So, as a result that sometimes we have to do a few basic editing to the track and put it again in songbook to test again until it is acceptable range of conditions in post recording. Thus we are hoping to get the backing track replacement option back in order to get convenient for the people like us.

Yes, I agree that is essential for feedback rating of a son and I would never be thinking of replacing the old songs that are already showing the feedback rating.

I just want to cut off the steps filing song information about uploading track which might have to do again for a few times.

Hope you get the situation here. :)

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